7 reasons to use call answering

Here is a handy post with information that you may not have considered on why to use a call answering service.

1. For the productivity of your business

Where is your business going?
Is your time best spent answering the phone?

Your time is worth £25 – £30 an hour, maybe more. Time spent on the phone could be used to promote your business. I am sure that is worth more to you…

2. For the Professionalism of your Business

Having your calls answered by a professional straight away, increases the professionalism.

Questions, bookings and advice should all be answered as soon as possible. Customers rarely leave a message so it pays to have them answered for you. If a customer can’t get someone straight away, then they will probably just call the next school. If they leave a message they often do not reply when you call them back or if they do, they are often already sorted.

3. For the legality

How many times have you seen an instructor on the phone with a pupil? Or for that matter while driving?
This could fit with professionalism too but if we correctly health and safety assess ourselves call answering would eliminate the risk. Pupils and parents call us at an alarming rate reporting driving instructors on the phone, and for that fact many other offences. Have a policy in place for you and your instructors about correct phone use.

4. For Knowledge

Having a call answering service that goes above and beyond, Marely forwarding messages can be great P.R for your business. Foreign licence enquiries, disabled personal enquiries and licence class checks all need to be answered correctly.

5. For Family Time

Driving instructors are busy people.
40 hrs of lessons with 10+hrs traveling leads to a long week.
Having a call answering service can leave you with more time for your family or hobbies, after all your family time is just as important to you too.

6. For Sales, PPI, nuisance calls diverted

How annoying are those PPI and sales calls?
Call answering services can get rid of those for you. Staff are trained to deal with them no matter how persistent they are.

7. For Value

Your time is valuable and you have this you would rather do. Call can be converted into books, placed straight into diaries. Enquiries dealt with and questions answered and for cheaper than a driving instructors hourly rate.

We at 1st 4 Driving instructors look after many schools and our service can be had for as low as £49.50 a month.
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If you do not find the service beneficial then simply tell us before the end of the 30 days trial and we will shake your hand and you owe us nothing.
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