My name is Brittany; I am the newest member of the team. I carried out 2 years of volunteering before I came here and it paid off (without actually getting paid!). I am admin support for 1st 4 Driving, I answer the phones, write the content for the business, carry out promotional adverts to gain new instructors, booking in pupils and the list goes on… Chloe and Dave, they are both brilliant, helpful and weird which I like so we can all have a laugh.

My dream car has to be a Ford GT in black with white stripes, I need to start saving if I even have a chance of getting a door mirror… My dream car(realistically) is a Ford ST in blue.

When I’m not at work I try and spend as much time as possible with my family. Going on day trips and long walks with my dog are the best days! As long as I have thick pyjamas, my boot slippers, a take away and in the comfort of my home I’m content.

I have the best mum and stepdad in the world, I wouldn’t change them for anything, they are my world! So are my 2 sisters and my brother! Even though they get on my nerves I don’t know what I would do without out their annoying personalities hahahaha

I am currently doing an apprenticeship that Dave and Chloe are helping me with to get my NVQ in Business Administration. I also am a partly qualified beautician, I took the qualification because I enjoy making people feel good about themselves and basically wanted to learn how to paint my nails properly lol