Driving Instructor Solutions

Have you ever seen a Driving Instructor and thought, ‘I could do that?’

become a driving instructor

Have you ever wanted a job that rewards you for the effort you put in?

The rewards to becoming a Driving Instructor are many, both in financial terms as well as being fulfilling; the satisfaction of both teaching and contributing to safer roads. People will always need to learn to drive, and when your work is fun you will not be able to stop the earning potential that will come your way in this recession proof business. There are unlimited rewards as you will get out of this exactly what you put in; many driver trainers are earning in excess of £30,000, while those who really put in the effort have been known to exceed £50,000 in their first year of trading.

There is also a growing market from businesses, with increasing corporate responsibility to carry out more driver training and assessments as part of their duty of care, and there are many more opportunities that being an Approved Driving Instructor can open for you.

Full time, part time or flexi time – you choose

So, the money is good and you’re helping people – what else? There are real lifestyle benefits too; you get a modern car that will be fully expensed by your business and written off against tax, you can truly work the hours you want, and our association package is a hassle-free route to becoming your own boss, so why not cash in your potential today?

But here is the best bit

Your training will be over seen by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, arguably one of the highest qualified driving instructors in the country. Dave has trained dozens of instructors across the country and rescued hundreds from the big schools. The pass rate was abysmal for trainees however Dave used this as the basis of a Masters project and saw the inherent problems in why so many failed and this has been corrected. Partly because driving schools used to (and some still do) make their money from the training process and NOT from the instructors when they had qualified. Well Dave and the schools he support believe in the longevity of thier instructors so we look to the future and know YOUR success is actually OUR success.

Looking for great Driving Instructor Training

We support many driving schools with a unique package and these schools with our support are particularly looking for instructors in Southampton (Automatic would be great), Bristol, Bath Hastings, Devon, Chippenham and South Wales

Qualified Instructors wanted too

If you are already qualified or even part qualified you are not forgotten as we would love to hear from you too. The areas above are all fully booked and are turning away work because of the excellent reputations these schools have been built on so what ever your status fill in the form below and we will be in contact soon