Driving Instructors are you prepared?

This article asks the question, driving instructors are you prepared? Back in 2010 I wrote an article talking about the decline in pupils and how by 2019 driving instructors will have a third less pupils looking for driving lessons. I also showed a blip in these figures when in late 2015-2016 there would be a rise in pupils (I believe a cold winter in 1998 was to blame). Well recently all driving schools and Image for driving instructors are you preparedinstructors have been seeing the effects of this blip. I see so many schools bursting at the seams and turning away pupils but can this last?.

Well added to the equation that there has been a decline in the number of new driving instructor applications there is some hope but this was factored in to the figures way back in 2010. Howard Redwood from the DIA also wrote a great article about this and predicting the same.

Driving instructors are you prepared?

Now is the time to start to think about the future. If predictions come true, then the amount of pupils will fall. Let alone the predictions of some about the effects as we come out of the EU and we will hit another depression (I treat this with a big piece of salt). Currently even the very poor schools are enjoying the boom so start to think about bullet proofing your business. What can you do to ensure you are ready for any decline in pupils?

Is your website prepared?

Is your website performing well? Is it climbing steadily in the rankings? This sort of work takes a while and if you are not doing it now then you need to start to think about it. I was talking to a client this week who said ‘we have loads of competition in our area’ when in fact I said he had very little as few of them really did any marketing. It is therefore easy to shine above the rest. Today we look at how Google has yet again changed the rules with their ‘structured data’. Websites need to be constantly tagged and have this structured data and ‘rich links’ added. A sort of map so Google and others know what you are key wording for.

Do you blog? I mean seriously, you have knowledge and expertise and this can be used to promote your website. Not on your website directly but find people willing to put your blogs, albeit a small one maybe, on their websites. This is a winner for both as they get good articles and you get the links to your website……lovely valuable links……

Now is the time to get that branding right. Branding is so good for letting people know you are there. If they see an advert in one branding or no branding, it does not link to another so the impact is lost.

It may seem easy at the moment but all business think about the threats to them in a SWOT analysis so start thinking today and put an action plan into place as just like you teach your drivers to be pro-active we need to be the same in our businesses. I fear a long hard 4 years coming up and am already preparing for our schools and associates.

Associates need not worry

Of course any associate of 1st 4 Driving Ltd will not have to worry. We constantly work on these things and are currently updating all website with structured data, moving blogs to separate ISP’s and actively marketing for new instructors for our many schools full to busting with pupils.

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