Business Advice

Expert consultation enables you to successfully launch a new school, teaches you how to establish your existing school, and helps you develop a growing school into a multi-car empire.

Business Advice

Looking to expand? We work with you to build a multi car driving school that you can be proud of. We will offer all the support you might need, from advising you how to recruit more instructors to helping you with franchise agreements so you do not fall foul of many rules and regulations.

Under the new guidelines, you will have to be a qualified TAQA assessor and employ the services of an internal verifier. This is then checked by your vocational awarding body who will make checks on your premises; including classroom facilities, fire exits, disabled access and all your policies. As an associate of 1st 4 Driving, we train you to be an assessor, make an internal verifier available and qualify you for centre status through our facilities, all included within our associate fees.

Case Study

As your new instructors come on board, you pay 1st 4 Driving Ltd. the associate fee for each instructor, currently £79.30 per month. They then get all the services you get; call management, an online diary, CPD…everything except the business support and advice!
You then charge each instructor a weekly franchise fee.

For example;
1 instructor paying a franchise fee of £100 a week (a fairly typical franchise fee that does not include leasing a car)

£100 X 52 weeks = £5200.00
You pay 1st 4 Driving
12 x £83.27 = £999.24
£5200.00 (Your income) – £951.60 (1st 4 Driving fee)
= £4200.76 gross profit per instructor

Full Service Details

Driving School Set-Up: Our full service driving-school-in-a-box, pick a name and a service area and we hand over a fully functioning school.

Continuing Personal Development: The latest training courses and documents made available in order to improve your knowledge and skill set.

Professional Body updates/events: Regularly the DVSA and other regulatory/support bodies will send us lengthy documents about new legislation and requirements, or organise CPD/networking events where important news may be shared. We condense all this information down and send you a précis of the relevant points along with our monthly newsletter to keep you up to date.

Professional Advice: Consultation always available from Dave Foster MA Dip.DI.

Business and Personal Mentoring: Help matching your personality with your business type to ensure overall cohesion, and help overcoming any stresses or fears that could be standing in the way of your success.

Centre Status, Assessors qualifications and Internal Verifiers: Know that you’re prepared for the latest instructor training changes and are able to provide the facilities and vocational qualifications required.