Our driving school call answering service will become your very own office, working with you to ensure your driving school is a success. The cost of losing just one pupil due to not being able to respond to that enquiry already covers the cost of our association package. Having a dedicated office also gives your business that additional professional presence, making pupils and parents more likely to put their faith in you. By utilising this driving school service, you will be free to do what you do best, instruct, and actually get some down-time outside of lessons. You’ll no longer have to worry about chasing missed calls (if they even left a message in the first place) only to find they’ve already booked elsewhere.Image for driving school call answering

A powerful support tool for any Driving School – a dedicated office staffed by friendly, knowledgeable driving industry professionals mean enquiries are answered and converted into bookings while you’re on the road.

Our team is headed up and personally trained by Dave himself, putting his years of experience and expertise to work into ensuring our staff are not just answering your phone line and giving your prices, but really representing your business and more importantly selling your lessons. Dave knows how vital each pupil call is, when one missed or poorly handled call could literally cost you thousands in future business, which is why, having previously subcontracted this service, he decided to bring it in-house and offer a truly professional driving school call answering service.

Some of our driving schools’ customers have been so impressed with how we have handled their enquiries they have chosen to let us know how well we did. Read what they have to say about our knowledgeable, professional driving school call answering service


Live Chat software

Our powerful Live Chat software means existing and potential pupils can instantly get in touch with us through your site, an incredibly popular point of contact for helping current pupils and extremely effective at securing new bookings. Instant messaging is far and away the most popular form of communication for younger generations today, so why miss out on talking to potential pupils on their terms?

This feature now comes built-in as standard to all our associate websites, or can be easily installed into your existing website.

Full Driving School Call Answering Service Details

Unique Number: Your choice of either an 0800, 0330 (local rate/inclusive) or 01/02 number, unique to your school, purchased and set up by us.

Dedicated, Professionally Manned Phone Line: A trained driving industry professional will answer your phone line in your business name, 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat.

Telephone Bookings taken and managed: Existing or potential clients can be booked straight into your Online Diary, or alter their bookings, without you having to lift a finger.

Card Payments taken: Pupils can pay directly over the phone by credit or debit card, great for those block bookings.

Pupil Enquiries answered: Knowledgeable, friendly staff who are always there for your pupils, helping them with any licence or learning enquiries they may have.

Day-to-Day Issues dealt with: Whether it be annoying sales calls that need polite but firm refusal or pupils trying to take advantage of you by cancelling without good reason/notice needing to be tactfully reminded of your T&Cs, we can handle it all, always keeping a record so you know what’s going on, texting you immediately if something important requires your attention, and keeping a record of all calls so you stay informed.

Mobile Phone Call Diversion: Know you’re going to be busy on the road but don’t want your mobile going unanswered? You can choose to divert those calls to us as well at any time, even permanently if you would prefer, again with full call details kept for you to review and alerting you to important issues by text.

Emergency Lesson Cancellation / Rescheduling: Breakdown? Sickness? Last minute crisis? Just let us know and we will contact all affected pupils and reschedule their appointments, tactfully explaining why you’re not able to attend as arranged.

Email, Text and Voicemail Management: Just like having your own full-time PA on staff, we can provide all of the same phone management services for your email, text messages to your mobile, and even checking your voicemail and returning calls. Give the appearance of being a professional outfit with offices even if you’re a one-car sole trader!

Live Chat: We make instant connections with visitors to your website to drive bookings and provide a modern, professional first point of contact.

Call answering we love them to bits!
We use 1st 4 driving, Love them to bits, unlike other call handling services they are in the industry, they offer a personal service and don’t sound like robots like others i have in the past. Dave Foster even talks to driving instructors wanting to join the team, he managed to persuade 8 driving instructors to join our company in the 6 months we have been with them ( may have another who he spoke with yesterday) my business has more than doubled since taking up their service (23 currently) and I owe this to them, our driving instructors are in contact with Dave foster who advises them on topics such as Standards test, Ordit or just general questions to do with being an ADI, Chloe has just joined the team and is brilliant, Highly recommended them
Dave Foster
Date published: 09/13/2015
5 / 5 stars

Great value driving school call answering. We know driving schools and only answer calls for driving schools. Selling your lessons and filling your diaries. Ran by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI who knows the industry inside out
1st 4 Driving LTD