The driving school industry is fiercely competitive, so well planned marketing campaigns are key to getting your business noticed.

Driving School marketing

Online Advertising

There is no doubt that in order to survive in the driving instructor industry you need to be clever with your marketing. Gone are the days of defaulting to ‘Bob, the guy down the road’, potential pupils are now internet savvy and are likely to be searching online to find their new instructor.

As such, you need to be reaching these potential pupils and making a meaningful connection in order to stand out from the crowd.

We help you achieve this by giving you an active, cohesive online presence with strong brand imagery across various social media platforms. Social marketing is about creating a virtual friendship with your customer, and making it easy for customers to share information about your business, in order to inspire greater trust and confidence which translates into increased sales; after all, who doesn’t like to buy from a friend or based on a friend’s recommendation?

Not only that, as part of our Premium association we also fully fund and manage pay-per-click campaigns across the most successful platforms, guaranteeing your business shows in prime position to anyone expressing interest in the industry.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

The most prominent (and our default) PPC platform is Adwords. Google is the most used search engine (not to mention the most visited website of any description) on the web, now handling more than three billion searches each day. As many people’s first stop for more information on a given subject these days is to ‘google it’, getting your school advertised on Google is a great way to get noticed.

Google Adwords works on a complex ‘bidding’ system, in which you define what search terms you want to trigger your advert, and then when a user searches for those terms, Google then displays adverts above and to the side of the organic search results. These are ranked based on the relevance of the advert to the keyword, the relevance of the webpage being advertised to the advert and the amount you have ‘bid’ for your advert to be displayed.

Successful campaigns need to properly balance these three aspects in order to get the most out of their advertising budget, proper analysis of which can be complicated and time consuming if trying to do so yourself.

While we currently favour Google Adwords, we keep current and experiment across various platforms to generate the greatest exposure for the lowest cost in order to keep you on top!

Traditional Mediums

While this does seem to put a large emphasis on online advertising, traditional mediums are still important, especially when creating a brand image. A brand is important in converting those exposed to your advertising into future clients. It generates that trust and recognition that, on seeing a great deal advertised for your school, convinces the potential pupil that it isn’t ‘too good to be true’ and worth going ahead with.

As such, we primarily suggest exploiting the free exposure all that driving around town generates by offering custom livery design. Themed to match your website, our bold and eye-catching imagery helps cement you a local reputation for being a professional school.

Full Service Details

Livery Design: Customised car livery design tied in with the design of your website to start creating a strong brand image for your school and ensure your vehicles look professional.

Fully Managed Google Adwords Campaigns: We pay for and run Google Adwords campaigns for you, one of the most successful online marketing tools available.

Blogging and Social Media Management: We run your Google+, Facebook page and Twitter account for you, growing your business’ network, keeping a healthy, entertaining and informative blog going on your site that is distributed through those social networks. This greatly improves your business’ visibility and gives you a lively, attractive, fully managed online presence.

Customised Graphical QR Codes: We can generate a custom QR code embedded in either an existing business logo or one we design for you. These can then be printed on any physical media your school uses (business cards, car livery etc.) and give potential clients an instant interactive link to more information about your school.