7 reasons to use call answering

Here is a handy post with information that you may not have considered on why to use a call answering service.

1. For the productivity of your business

Where is your business going?
Is your time best spent answering the phone?

Your time is worth £25 – £30 an hour, maybe more. Time spent on the phone could be used to promote your business. I am sure that is worth more to you…

2. For the Professionalism of your Business

Having your calls answered by a professional straight away, increases the professionalism.

Questions, bookings and advice should all be answered as soon as possible. Customers rarely leave a message so it pays to have them answered for you. If a customer can’t get someone straight away, then they will probably just call the next school. If they leave a message they often do not reply when you call them back or if they do, they are often already sorted.

3. For the legality

How many times have you seen an instructor on the phone with a pupil? Or for that matter while driving?
This could fit with professionalism too but if we correctly health and safety assess ourselves call answering would eliminate the risk. Pupils and parents call us at an alarming rate reporting driving instructors on the phone, and for that fact many other offences. Have a policy in place for you and your instructors about correct phone use.

4. For Knowledge

Having a call answering service that goes above and beyond, Marely forwarding messages can be great P.R for your business. Foreign licence enquiries, disabled personal enquiries and licence class checks all need to be answered correctly.

5. For Family Time

Driving instructors are busy people.
40 hrs of lessons with 10+hrs traveling leads to a long week.
Having a call answering service can leave you with more time for your family or hobbies, after all your family time is just as important to you too.

6. For Sales, PPI, nuisance calls diverted

How annoying are those PPI and sales calls?
Call answering services can get rid of those for you. Staff are trained to deal with them no matter how persistent they are.

7. For Value

Your time is valuable and you have this you would rather do. Call can be converted into books, placed straight into diaries. Enquiries dealt with and questions answered and for cheaper than a driving instructors hourly rate.

We at 1st 4 Driving instructors look after many schools and our service can be had for as low as £49.50 a month.
For a limited time only we have space for 2 schools who can have the first month completely free!
If you do not find the service beneficial then simply tell us before the end of the 30 days trial and we will shake your hand and you owe us nothing.
This offer is limited to the first 2 schools only

so grab it quick.

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and explain more about this amazing offer.

Do I really need a business plan?

Image for driving school business planSo, it’s that time of the year again and Christmas is coming. This is the time of year that people reflect and certainly a good time for businesses to reflect. Reading recently on Facebook about people who have attended a conference run by a friend of mine Marc Ford and his excellent advice on preparing business plans. This advice is so true and every business needs some form of plan. Speaking with Lloyd’s bank some years ago, they were telling me how 95% of business without a plan, fail. Now I hear many Driving Instructors say ‘I don’t have a plan and I haven’t failed’. As individual Driving Instructors, you probably do have a plan. Life is simple, recommends come and you operate in a largely cash basis. Many single operators work like this and it works well right up until the point it doesn’t. Then crash, the pupils stop coming, the car breaks down or some other situation that was not planned for. The story is so familiar to us who have been in the profession for a long time. ADI’s who have been in business for 20 years suddenly find themselves without pupils and cannot work out what happened. It is of course easy to blame the big schools, recession or the DVSA but if there was no plan in place the blame lies quite clearly.

Ask yourself now, what would you do IF your pupil supply dried up tomorrow? What if you fell ill? Could you still manage the bills? What If the DVSA (not that they could) raise the driving age to 18? There is no business plan that can cover every eventuality but many plans have a catch all quality about them. The backup plan could cover other unforeseen situations. Driving school business plan

Are you looking to expand? What is your plan for this? I have seen so many trainee driving instructors who joined a franchise to set up their pupil base with the plan to leave and become the next BSM. Franchises are aware of this and some will keep you just hungry enough to need to keep with them for work. Then comes your own fears………Will I have enough work? What happens if?………and you stay in your franchise looking for the right time to leave. This is where the business plan comes in and you look at all the options. Known as a SWOT analysis, this looks at the strengths and weakness, the opportunities and the threats to your business and the best time to do this is now.

If you are looking to expand your plan will probably show you that you will need help. I set up 1st 4 Driving LTD into what it is now to provide just that. It started with the websites for a couple of girls who were being let down by their franchise. In those days, I was still training ADI’s and was director of training for a medium sized driving school. I knew I could help. I helped them set up a business plan, prices, website and enlisted the help of a call answering service for them. Then came another school, this time to guys who had suffered the same fate from a franchise. Today we have many schools and everything is done in a monthly payments so no large sums up front to fork out. Each month one payment probably less than a franchise fee but all the services under one roof. It makes me chuckle to see others offering a fraction of our services and claiming to be the first but hey ho that’s life.

So many of our associates like the fact that I myself (Who might know a thing or two about this industry) is at the end of the phone. We all here have a can-do attitude and look towards making all our associates unique. On our higher package, we genuinely only take on one school per area so we ourselves are not in competition with ourselves when optimising your website. We try to keep all our work as much as possible in-house too. Several years ago, we took our call answering in-house to get the level of service we wanted for our associates. This has enable to offer things like the recently introduced license checking service. On booking a lesson pupils are asked a few simple questions with their permission that enable your office staff to check their licences for you with the DVLA online licence checking service. This information is copied and passed on to you so you know everything is ok. Along with taking payments at booking if you want so to reduce any no shows not paid for.

Image for driving school business planIf there is anything missing from our service that clients want, we try to accommodate it and currently we have been working on campaigns for our schools to take on additional instructors. We have literally been sifting through 100’s of applications for the schools.

Planning does not need to be difficult, you can do it on your own or there are people out there who can help along with ourselves I recommend Marc Ford whose business acumen will lead you onto the path of success and there are others too but chose wisely 

Value for money

I have recently seen a few posts about prices and ‘value for money’ and it got me thinking. Do I offer value for money? One blog in particular looked at competitors and compared their prices with his. The comparison appeared to me to be what looked like a large profession company and what looks like a solo proprietor. I could be wrong but in image and marketing, this is what it said to me.

My staff said immediately ‘we are too cheap’, and if you look at the face of it you could say we are. Our prices were cheaper than all the comparisons yet we offer more services. So are we too cheap or are we ‘value for money’.Value for money

Our top line services include all the SEO for the website both initial and ongoing, just like the others but this is for the website we build also included in the price. In fact, we build 2 websites. One is the money website with all the prices and sales stuff and hosted on a completely different server (for SEO reasons) the other is a blog website. This blog site hosts all the wonderful blog stuff like articles and pupil passes and creates valuable links to the money site. Heck, we don’t stop there. Included in our monthly fee is our professional call answering services where we supply the phone number we put on your website and answer the phone for you. Setting up real conversations with your pupils and potential pupils booking them straight into your diary. Oh yes, the diary, we supply the fully loaded and functional diary that allows us to book your pupils in and you to add lesson, plan data, accounts, contact details etc. and this diary can send automated text messages to each pupil before lessons reminding them of their lessons. Good grief and there’s more, we take card payments, re-arrange lessons, take messages and fend off PPI calls etc. and we can do all this for your instructors too.

And the piece de resistance (oh I am sounding French now) we also do all your social media for you. Pupils pass, you take the photo, send photo with brief details, we post on blog, Facebook, Google plus and Twitter all with lovely links. And would you believe our price inclusive for this service is only £202.97 a month.*

Are we value for money?

As an ex driving instructor (recently surrendered my badge) who reached the top of the profession from Dip.DI to fleet, ORDIT, Master degree and many more I know what being an ADI and school owner is. I set up what I do to help great ADI’s and PDI’s to achieve. I know how hard it is to make a living and I know how well those working with me are doing. My accountant tells me ‘if you ran the same business for any other profession you could charge 3 times as much’ he also knows how much driving instructors really earn. We here at 1st 4 Driving give you the chance of a real work life balance and I know that we could not charge a higher fee at the moment. We made the package all-inclusive so you can budget knowing it will all be taken care of for you under one roof.

This blog is a blatant advert for our services but with a genuine desire to help each and every great driving instructor achieve their goal. We do it though at a ‘value for money price’ from our hearts as we care about you. It has been a while now since I did the forums and any public speaking but those who know me know I care about this profession and all it stands for.


Safe Driving for Life promoted by great driving instructors………………………….


*Additional fees apply for additional instructors

Driving Instructors are you prepared?

This article asks the question, driving instructors are you prepared? Back in 2010 I wrote an article talking about the decline in pupils and how by 2019 driving instructors will have a third less pupils looking for driving lessons. I also showed a blip in these figures when in late 2015-2016 there would be a rise in pupils (I believe a cold winter in 1998 was to blame). Well recently all driving schools and Image for driving instructors are you preparedinstructors have been seeing the effects of this blip. I see so many schools bursting at the seams and turning away pupils but can this last?.

Well added to the equation that there has been a decline in the number of new driving instructor applications there is some hope but this was factored in to the figures way back in 2010. Howard Redwood from the DIA also wrote a great article about this and predicting the same.

Driving instructors are you prepared?

Now is the time to start to think about the future. If predictions come true, then the amount of pupils will fall. Let alone the predictions of some about the effects as we come out of the EU and we will hit another depression (I treat this with a big piece of salt). Currently even the very poor schools are enjoying the boom so start to think about bullet proofing your business. What can you do to ensure you are ready for any decline in pupils?

Is your website prepared?

Is your website performing well? Is it climbing steadily in the rankings? This sort of work takes a while and if you are not doing it now then you need to start to think about it. I was talking to a client this week who said ‘we have loads of competition in our area’ when in fact I said he had very little as few of them really did any marketing. It is therefore easy to shine above the rest. Today we look at how Google has yet again changed the rules with their ‘structured data’. Websites need to be constantly tagged and have this structured data and ‘rich links’ added. A sort of map so Google and others know what you are key wording for.

Do you blog? I mean seriously, you have knowledge and expertise and this can be used to promote your website. Not on your website directly but find people willing to put your blogs, albeit a small one maybe, on their websites. This is a winner for both as they get good articles and you get the links to your website……lovely valuable links……

Now is the time to get that branding right. Branding is so good for letting people know you are there. If they see an advert in one branding or no branding, it does not link to another so the impact is lost.

It may seem easy at the moment but all business think about the threats to them in a SWOT analysis so start thinking today and put an action plan into place as just like you teach your drivers to be pro-active we need to be the same in our businesses. I fear a long hard 4 years coming up and am already preparing for our schools and associates.

Associates need not worry

Of course any associate of 1st 4 Driving Ltd will not have to worry. We constantly work on these things and are currently updating all website with structured data, moving blogs to separate ISP’s and actively marketing for new instructors for our many schools full to busting with pupils.

Of course if you are interested in any of our services or just want a chat then feel free to call us on 01579 558 666 or fill in the form below


Speak soon


I want a driving school website

Tagged this morning in another social media forum, I see the poster saying ‘I want a driving school website’. Thank you too my existing client who tags me in as many post as she can because she knows I can help these people. I decided to write a short article on selecting a driving school website and cover the options many do not think about.image for driving school website page

Ok, you have decided you want a driving school website but what do you want? Just a website that maybe looks half decent? Do you want it to take online bookings? Do you want it to attract new business? Local image or successful multi car image? You see they are all different. It’s a bit like pupils choosing a driving instructor. What do they say they want ‘I want the cheapest?’ or ‘I just want to pass my test’. In reality they will need much more than that. Professional lessons, advice, honest advice on test readiness, someone to book their test, take card payments maybe and Pass Plus. It would be nice if they came back later for some refresher lessons too.

So driving school websites, there are four basic things to web sites and functions of websites.

  • A professional looking site that is informative and maybe branded with the car and business cards etc.
  • Does it work? When the person using your driving school site has found what they want is the easy to find options to book or pay?
  • Does google like the site when Google finds it? Is the site internally optimised and linked to similar pages and relevant material? If you mention Pass Plus in the text does it take you to a Pass Plus page? Has the site been indexed with a search engine friendly site map .xml
  • Does it need external optimisation if the competition is big in your town so it rises to page one of search engines. The site will also need regular updates of articles too

    Crikey what a lot of stuff, and you only wanted a driving school website.

    It is very possible you do not need all that stuff. If you only ever want your site to be found by people who you directly give the web address too then just have a simple website built and there are many free platforms you can do this on. You will be besieged with SEO companies etc. trying to sell their services but nothing in life is really free. If you live in a very small town or village and there is little competition, then you will not need the external optimisation. However, if you live where there are many driving school website all competing (although in reality they are not because few do optimisation) then you will need all of the above. It will need regular updates and articles and blogs and posts, backlinks maintained and new ones found yada yada yada.

    So who can build my driving school website

    Some who know me will know how I strived to become the best driver trainer I could be. Gosh I was so sad I went out and got myself a Master’s degree in Driver Trainer Education. I did every qualification going and trained instructors only to see my hard work undone when they could not get their business off the ground or failed because of websites and other stuff. Great instructors like Laura who now runs LA-Driving School and fantastic people struggling so I set up what I do now and love it. My previous career involved websites and digital electronics so it seemed natural. Now I have taken the same determination to business and websites as I did my driver training and am constantly taking courses and training in Search Engine Optimisation, websites and business so I can look after the many Driving Schools I do. And why? So you don’t have to. I have a team now in Callington Cornwall, bought my premises and run my business from a building with tons of character and charm just like all my clients. I can’t help myself but I love helping driver trainers succeed and as I always say my success is your success. So looking for help? I am looking for great instructors.

    Thank you to The Old Clink Callington for some advice on this article

    Contact me today using this form and I will see what I can do for you, of course you can call, or try the little chat widget and talk to Chloe, email maybe?

  • Oh to relax in the evenings………….

    keep calmTalking to a client and friend today, I was reminded of how difficult it is to actually run my driving school when I was an independent driving instructor. I always loved doing the lessons but being a pedantic sort of person I was a stickler for the paperwork and record. Each evening I would fill in the pupil records saying a little bit about how the lesson went, update my Facebook, twitter and then Google plus albeit in its early stages. That of course was after I made all my call backs to voicemails and text messages from pupils and enquiries.

    All this came at a price of course, my wife at the time was always nagging me, ‘can’t you put that phone down’, ‘why are you still on your computer?’ and best of all ‘is it really worth it?’. Suffice to say she is an ex-wife however there was a valid point there. If we want to run our businesses properly and treat them as proper businesses not just creating our own job, then all those things need doing. This extends what is already a long day into a mammoth day. We promise ourselves its only for a while, but it goes on until often something gives. It was some years ago I first started the business model I now run.

    Many driving instructors used to ask me for advice in one of the roles I used to do. Then working as, a representative for the DIA and as an employed driving instructor trainer. Great I was training them and I saw them go of to franchises or set up on their own but I was seeing some fail. Not because they were bad at instructing but it always seemed to be the business side. Trying to get websites updated with the daily stuff is hard enough but what about the SEO stuff etc. Like me they tried various companies with their promises only to be let down. I have spent 1000’s on site optimisation and probably wasted every penny. I’ve been there too wondering if it was all worth it.


    I set up my business now a little by accident. I was asked by 2 female instructors who had been let down badly by a franchise if I would help them set up. I had been involved in the internet and web design since its concept although more as a hobby so I thought why not. I built their site, rebuilt their site and rebuilt again each time learning new tricks. I looked at SEO, studied it and in fact recently finished a 14 week course on it. SEO itself is not difficult but it has to be worked on regularly, monitored, tweaked and added too.

    Initially I sub-contracted the calls out to another company but when they put my price up I looked at this and thought, why not take this in house and I did. This was one of the best decisions I ever made as we can offer a much better personal and tailored service. Gradually each service we added too making what we do a unique solution to driving instructors. Little did I know 5 years ago when studying for my master’s degree in Driver Training Education that I would mainly be driving a desk now. But when I get phone calls thanking me for what I have done for someone’s business, and the great feedback we get I know it’s worth it.


    The solution means driver trainers and schools can do a fair day’s work and relax knowing that while they are doing the lessons, we are taking care of the website, phone calls, call backs, Facebook, SEO……………….and all the many task that have to be done. Watching so many of the schools I work with grow in the way they want to. Whether it is taking on new instructors, expanding their CPD or achieving a higher lesson price or a combination of all and more it gives me as much satisfaction as when your pupil passes their test first time with zero faults……….now feel that thought………

    We are serious about doing the same for you and giving you (and your wife/husband/partner) back your life so call, email or use the little chat widget to speak with us…….yes we put one of those on your site too and they work real good.Feet up
    Thank you to the following schools for thier support
    Image for driving school magnetics suppliedgoogle-plus-banner

    1st 4 Driving Devon

    1st 4 Driving Devon

    Let’s make 2016 a bumper year for your Driving School

    Like the learner choosing a driving school for the first time

    It’s 6.35am and I have been up for 2 hours, having returned from China yesterday my body is still in China time and says it is 14.35. I sit here pondering the visit and was thinking about how different many Chinese business are, or are they. To support your family in China, there is no benefit system or handouts, you simply work or make work. Every street and spare pavement is full of micro business selling their goods or offering their service. Literally thousands and many do the same thing. Now I often hear a driving school complain about how many competitors they have but in any street in China there will be dozens, yes dozens of noodle bars and small fast food outlets. To me they all seem the same, like the learner choosing a driving school for the first time, I do not speak the language I have to go by what I see and I understand. Go for breakfast with my brother in law and he likes one place, my sister in law prefers another and so on. Each has their own favourite and I have no idea why as to me they all do the same thing. Image comparing Chinese food to UK driving schoolNo real banter with the staff, nothing seems any different. The similarity to me for many a driving school was so striking suddenly that they all seem the same but clearly pupils choose instructors based on personal feelings and likes. Something I doubt they could explain and each pupil would tell the same story as to why they chose their instructor. I have found my particular favourite on this street, the noodles are the same Guilin noodles but for me I like the bowls they serve them in. Sounds strange but many noodle houses typically serve noodles in small metal bowls similar to those we find in pet shops and use for our pets. I find this odd and feel like I am eating from a dog bowl. My favourite serve the dish in large white bowls and are very modern looking. Oh they also have free internet too and this also sways my decision. They are exactly the same price about 1.5 yen or 15p for the meal so price is not a competitive edge. However these fast food shops have been around looking exactly the same for years and will probably look the same in ten years, they exist to serve their needs and that of their family building their reputation on returning visit and the odd stray like me.

    Reflecting how this compares to a UK Driving School

    On my last evening in China this time we were being treated to a special meal, a very wealthy lady wanted to treat us to a different experience and as I was driving through the busy streets and my fellow travellers all conversed in Chinese I found myself looking at the mass of shops and business seeing one street that seemed to do all car parts. Some shops sell wiper blades others radiators and so on, the streets are like that, you will find loads of shops in a street selling similar stuff, this street was car parts. Interspersed with the car parts are the usual fast food outlets of course. 5 shops side by side all selling car tyres and all the same brand. Again you see the familiar story of the fast food outlets and to me I would not know what one to choose. Suddenly in amongst many larger restaurants one stood out. Outside all the staff were lined up as if on parade, all in striking red and black uniforms and listening to what seemed like their evening briefing. I want to go to that restaurant I thought and soon we arrived at our place of dining. Here to we were greeted at the door, after someone assisted with parking. Upstairs to again be greeted by big beaming smiles and being shown to a table, my companions wanted a different table and again this was no trouble. The staff were all turned out with a real sense of pride and clearly this was different to the multitude of restaurants I had been in. This was a business that clearly some thought had gone into, the décor, the staff and later the food albeit with a slightly more western approach to the menu. This was the place I thought yes I would come back too again. The food was excellent quality but then it is in the fast food outlets, the beer I had was not an over inflated price at 9p a bottle. I could have had a more expensive beer at 11p a bottle but I decided not. Nothing was ever too much trouble and this was a business in a different class. No attention to detail was missed and I found myself reflecting how this compares with UK a driving school.

    Many driving schools are happy to plod along

    Many of the driving schools we help here are like that last restaurant, they want the customer experience and they want to stand out from the crowd and offer a service with a wow. Professional call answering for example or complete free theory training for their pupils and someone at the end of a phone who can help the pupils when they are out delivering the lessons. Their shop front is the website and the livery they use and they want the very best so like that restaurant I drove past and was immediately struck by them, pupils get that same experience too. These schools are growing and are making an impact. This type of school is not for every driving instructor, many just plod along with their customer base meeting their personal needs and that of their family and that is ok but if you want to make your driving school stand out and have that wow factor chances are you will need help and support and that is what we do here at 1st 4 Driving give you the wow factor so if you want to make 2016 a bumper year as we do at 1st 4 Driving then contact us soon and lets work together on our wow factors.

    Thank you to our sponsor Logo

    2015 what a great year

    Driving InstructorsWell as we head towards christmas and the holiday season I find myself thinking about this year. This year saw so many changes for 1st 4 Driving LTD. We took on Chloe who has proved to be amazing. She is well liked by all the clients and has become a great asset to the company. New things in the pipeline next year for her so watch that space. We moved to our new premises in Callington, initially renting but recently we won a sealed bid campaign to buy the Old Clink off of Cornwall Council. This building is amazing and dates back a long way. It is a grade 2 listed building and has an incredible history.

    We took on many new schools as associates and have seen the growth of them as they start to take on instructors. Early in January next year we see a training event to help ensure they all pass the part three test first time as we have so much work for them all in the areas. It is such a good feeling seeing people grow their business and the reviews they leave us are all unpromted. I wrote an article (actually I wrote many articles) about surely they all cant be wrong. We know we could help a few more schools and we have another starting in January and enquiries with another for the new year too.

    I have spent many hours studying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web stuff. Never being happy with what some of the so called experts say, I decided to look at this myself. It was something akin to my previous life before driver training so I have looked at this in great detail. We have seen significant moves on websites as they climb Google and with the recent course I attended and study have seen where we can make even more changes. The great thing about doing this myself is we can build websites with SEO built in although it is a continual thing. A website must not remain static but must be worked on and added to, tweaked and researched every month. We have great new systems in place to monitor all the stats so our schools can get on with the driving lessons.

    I personally spent some time in China and am actually off again in a few days. This is business as we need to sign some papers and before we do this a retina scan of my wife has to happen to prove her identity. Yes the chinese are pretty thorough……..I am still in contact with the office everyday and carry out the banking and payments as well as the SEO. China may be the other side of the world but they have great internet apart from the censorship but hey, that’s what VPN is for (Virtual Private Network). For some reason the Chinese government have banned FaceBook however nearly all the people in China are on it using VPN.

    We took on a new phone system too, the new system using Voip has been incredible. Before the quality was often lacking but now the systems are crystal clear and apart from a few down days from power connections and things has been good. (The joys of Cornwall I think)

    We are always here if you want to drop in, cant always guarantee I am here as I do the occasional NDORS courses still, mad as I am I do love doing them.

    Oh and before I finish there was Chloe’s late offer of a free packet of Polo’s to anyone joining before christmas, any flavour you choose she said and you’ll never guess what………we think we have a taker…..

    Dave Foster

    Great driving school support

    What can 1st 4 Driving do for you?

    TrainingWe don’t just build your customised website and make it look pretty, we Search Engine Optimise it, review it every month for performance and as necessary add content, add more back links and tweak the keywords to ensure a steady but sure climb in Google and other search engine rankings and more……..

    We don’t just help set up your business and let you do all the work, we continually monitor the workloads to you and each of your instructors and look at competitors offers to see where any changes might be needed. We continue to build the brand and produce branded materials for you so the marketing flows freely and more………
    We don’t just answer your phones and take messages, we treat every caller as if they were our own only using your school name, using dedicated staff who build relationships, help pupils chose the best deal for them and go out of our way to book the lessons or courses for them and you. Fully managed diaries and systems that can run almost every aspect of your school from invoicing, pupil progress records and pupil access if required and more……..picture of Driving School answering service


    We don’t just take bookings, we process card payments for you, we add the payments to the pupils account, process payments for your instructors and if you prefer pay instructors direct just like the big schools do. We block book pupils into slots if you want and handle repeat bookings as well as subsequent card payments for additional lessons and more……….
    We don’t just show interest at the beginning and never speak again, we are there for you always for advice, helpful chats and general information. We are there for those motivation chats on business the life or the universe as it feels lonely out there running a school but not with us and more……..
    We don’t just do our own social media, we do yours for you if you want, blogging, tweeting and whatever to keep your business momentum going linking every post with the correct webpage thus sharing the SEO juice across your site. We set up separate blog websites for you maximising the backlinks and power to your main sales website and more…….searchengines


    We don’t just speak with your pupils on booking, we answer subsequent calls, queries advice and when occasionally things go wrong, help them out and more……..

    We don’t just provide the driving lessons services, we provide the theory training and support, test booking facilities and more………
    CCL imageWe don’t let you stagnate, we help build your school by actively looking for further instructors though our sister website, google marketing and by using the confidence and trust in one of the UK’s leading instructor training specialist Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI


    We don’t just provide management services, we provide training and telephone support for standards checks, ORDIT and can actually help you achieve ORDIT either on your own or as an associate and more……..


    So, looking for support for your driving school, looking to leave a franchise and set up on your own, don’t delay we can have you up and running soon and never look back.

    If it wasn’t for Dave I would have given up!

    IMAGE OF DRIVING SCHOOL WEBSITE1. When did you first become an instructor?

    2. How did you find your training?
    Nightmare! I started with a large national training company and so much was missing. Dave (1st 4 Driving LTD) rescued me and I strongly feel that if it wasn’t for him I would never have made it. I was already at the point of giving up when Dave stepped in

    3. How many attempts did it take you to pass?
    I passed all 3 parts on First Attempt

    4. Initially did you join a franchise or go independent straightaway?
    Franchise with a medium sized regional driving school

    5. What were you experiences of the franchise you were with?
    Was fine for the first year then the pupil tap was turned off so i left

    6. What made you initially set up Relax Driving School?
    To get away from expensive franchises, the hassle and aggro you get with them plus to grow my own school into a success. I want my school to be a fair and honest school for both Pupils and Instructors. I’ve seen a side of this business that I don’t like and Im not going to be one of them!

    7. What made you decided to pick 1st4driving LTD?
    Because I trust Dave, I just wish I had done it much sooner

    8. Why did we stand out more than other companies?
    I didn’t look elsewhere – I didn’t need to

    9. Do you find the services we provide are good value for money?
    Yes without doubt

    10. How has your school grown over the last few months?
    I now have a trainee instructor who has passed Part 1 & 2 on first attempt. Now working through part 3. Still want more though

    11. How professional are the staff in the office?
    Very professional and helpful

    12. How Knowledgeable are the staff in the office?
    Very knowledgeable

    13. How well does the booking service work for you and your instructors?
    I have had no issues at all since joining

    14. How useful are the daily logs we send each evening as to what calls and bookings we have had in the day?
    Very useful. It’s a reminder too that I have had a text earlier in the day with a new pupil to contact

    15. What are you future plans to grow the school?
    Keep expanding. I would like more cars in Bristol covering different areas and also to expand into Bath, Chippenham and Gloucester.

    16. How do you feel 1st4driving LTD will help with the growth of your school?
    By advertising for PDI? ADI and also giving me the support to train my own instructors and ensure they give their pupils the service that I would expect

    17. Would you recommend us to other driving schools who need help?
    Yes. Without any hesitation