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I have recently seen a few posts about prices and ‘value for money’ and it got me thinking. Do I offer value for money? One blog in particular looked at competitors and compared their prices with his. The comparison appeared to me to be what looked like a large profession company and what looks like a solo proprietor. I could be wrong but in image and marketing, this is what it said to me.

My staff said immediately ‘we are too cheap’, and if you look at the face of it you could say we are. Our prices were cheaper than all the comparisons yet we offer more services. So are we too cheap or are we ‘value for money’.Value for money

Our top line services include all the SEO for the website both initial and ongoing, just like the others but this is for the website we build also included in the price. In fact, we build 2 websites. One is the money website with all the prices and sales stuff and hosted on a completely different server (for SEO reasons) the other is a blog website. This blog site hosts all the wonderful blog stuff like articles and pupil passes and creates valuable links to the money site. Heck, we don’t stop there. Included in our monthly fee is our professional call answering services where we supply the phone number we put on your website and answer the phone for you. Setting up real conversations with your pupils and potential pupils booking them straight into your diary. Oh yes, the diary, we supply the fully loaded and functional diary that allows us to book your pupils in and you to add lesson, plan data, accounts, contact details etc. and this diary can send automated text messages to each pupil before lessons reminding them of their lessons. Good grief and there’s more, we take card payments, re-arrange lessons, take messages and fend off PPI calls etc. and we can do all this for your instructors too.

And the piece de resistance (oh I am sounding French now) we also do all your social media for you. Pupils pass, you take the photo, send photo with brief details, we post on blog, Facebook, Google plus and Twitter all with lovely links. And would you believe our price inclusive for this service is only £202.97 a month.*

Are we value for money?

As an ex driving instructor (recently surrendered my badge) who reached the top of the profession from Dip.DI to fleet, ORDIT, Master degree and many more I know what being an ADI and school owner is. I set up what I do to help great ADI’s and PDI’s to achieve. I know how hard it is to make a living and I know how well those working with me are doing. My accountant tells me ‘if you ran the same business for any other profession you could charge 3 times as much’ he also knows how much driving instructors really earn. We here at 1st 4 Driving give you the chance of a real work life balance and I know that we could not charge a higher fee at the moment. We made the package all-inclusive so you can budget knowing it will all be taken care of for you under one roof.

This blog is a blatant advert for our services but with a genuine desire to help each and every great driving instructor achieve their goal. We do it though at a ‘value for money price’ from our hearts as we care about you. It has been a while now since I did the forums and any public speaking but those who know me know I care about this profession and all it stands for.


Safe Driving for Life promoted by great driving instructors………………………….


*Additional fees apply for additional instructors

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