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Tagged this morning in another social media forum, I see the poster saying ‘I want a driving school website’. Thank you too my existing client who tags me in as many post as she can because she knows I can help these people. I decided to write a short article on selecting a driving school website and cover the options many do not think about.image for driving school website page

Ok, you have decided you want a driving school website but what do you want? Just a website that maybe looks half decent? Do you want it to take online bookings? Do you want it to attract new business? Local image or successful multi car image? You see they are all different. It’s a bit like pupils choosing a driving instructor. What do they say they want ‘I want the cheapest?’ or ‘I just want to pass my test’. In reality they will need much more than that. Professional lessons, advice, honest advice on test readiness, someone to book their test, take card payments maybe and Pass Plus. It would be nice if they came back later for some refresher lessons too.

So driving school websites, there are four basic things to web sites and functions of websites.

  • A professional looking site that is informative and maybe branded with the car and business cards etc.
  • Does it work? When the person using your driving school site has found what they want is the easy to find options to book or pay?
  • Does google like the site when Google finds it? Is the site internally optimised and linked to similar pages and relevant material? If you mention Pass Plus in the text does it take you to a Pass Plus page? Has the site been indexed with a search engine friendly site map .xml
  • Does it need external optimisation if the competition is big in your town so it rises to page one of search engines. The site will also need regular updates of articles too

    Crikey what a lot of stuff, and you only wanted a driving school website.

    It is very possible you do not need all that stuff. If you only ever want your site to be found by people who you directly give the web address too then just have a simple website built and there are many free platforms you can do this on. You will be besieged with SEO companies etc. trying to sell their services but nothing in life is really free. If you live in a very small town or village and there is little competition, then you will not need the external optimisation. However, if you live where there are many driving school website all competing (although in reality they are not because few do optimisation) then you will need all of the above. It will need regular updates and articles and blogs and posts, backlinks maintained and new ones found yada yada yada.

    So who can build my driving school website

    Some who know me will know how I strived to become the best driver trainer I could be. Gosh I was so sad I went out and got myself a Master’s degree in Driver Trainer Education. I did every qualification going and trained instructors only to see my hard work undone when they could not get their business off the ground or failed because of websites and other stuff. Great instructors like Laura who now runs LA-Driving School and fantastic people struggling so I set up what I do now and love it. My previous career involved websites and digital electronics so it seemed natural. Now I have taken the same determination to business and websites as I did my driver training and am constantly taking courses and training in Search Engine Optimisation, websites and business so I can look after the many Driving Schools I do. And why? So you don’t have to. I have a team now in Callington Cornwall, bought my premises and run my business from a building with tons of character and charm just like all my clients. I can’t help myself but I love helping driver trainers succeed and as I always say my success is your success. So looking for help? I am looking for great instructors.

    Thank you to The Old Clink Callington for some advice on this article

    Contact me today using this form and I will see what I can do for you, of course you can call, or try the little chat widget and talk to Chloe, email maybe?

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