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A very warm welcome to one of the best driving schools in the South and your first step to choosing your driving lessons. You have found 1st 4 Driving, headed up by Driving School Dave, probably one of the countries highest qualified driver trainers in the country.

Currently 1st 4 Driving School offer driving lessons from Liskeard, Callington, Saltash, Launceston and Plymouth and further over in Southampton, Winchester, Totton and Portsmouth. We are gradually expanding these areas to offer the same unique and quality driving lessons you would like from a Driving School.

So why do we claim to be the best driving school for your driving lessons?

  • Established 2000, incorporated 2005
  • Headed up by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI one of the highest and professional trainers in the country
  • Free online theory training package (full access not partial like some schools)
  • Office staff to take your bookings and questions (not waiting for the instructor to call you back, eventually!)
  • Access to Driving School Dave for those tricky questions (if he doesn’t know nobody does)
  • The very best of driving instructors endorsed as the ‘top 1%’ by DTE-Elite (A leading driving instructor training center)
  • Driving tests booked for you (unlike some schools who make you book then tell you they
    can’t do the test when you eventually book it)
  • High first time pass rate
  • Nervous, anxious our empathetic instructors will help you
  • All abilities, we don’t just pick the best learners!
  • Guaranteed lessons if you are not completely satisfied then ask for your money back*

Some time ago I went to a business conference and they asked a question. ‘What would it take to make your business the best in the world?’ I pondered ‘what would it take to make the best driving school in the world? I came up with quite a lot and am still implementing much of it. Here are some of the things I found below;

Choosing Driving Lessons

Choosing driving lessons should be easy but with so many driving schools it is sometimes difficult to choose. Looking at the extensive list above you can see we are the best driving school you can trust for your driving lessons. 1st 4 Driving is run by myself, Dave Foster and I am probably one of the most qualified driving instructors in the country. Although I don’t teach learners anymore I ensure that all the instructors cascade my values. I am trying to make 1st 4 Driving the best driving school in the country and look for ways I can improve the school and offer a better service not only to the learners but to the instructors working for me too.

Good Driving Lessons from the best driving school

Not all driving lessons are the same. Similarly not all expensive driving lessons are good nor all cheap lessons poor. You need to assess your instructor and school carefully and ensure you are getting good value for money. A good driving lesson will always leave you feeling you have learnt something and you are moving closer to your goal. Whether that is to pass your driving test or to look at improving your driving. You must feel comfortable during your driving lessons too. I personally monitor my instructors to check they are delivering to high standards. I personally keep them up-to-date with developments and carry out additional training to keep them all up to date.

How many Driving Lessons do I need?

This is always the big question and hard to answer. Let me start with what the Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) say. They say the average learner takes 47 hours of professional tuition and 22 hours of private practice. Getting professional training that includes supervised time behind the wheel, boosts confidence along with the time and effort and consistency/help you. Putting time, effort and pride etc into your driving lessons will all help. Over the years though I have found that if a learner takes 2hr lessons each time they drastically reduce the amount of lessons needed.I have found that the average drops to around 30 hours. It is also noteworthy that the younger you are the less driving lessons you will often need. However, the days of having just 6 hours of tuition, taking a driving test that last 20 minutes and passing have long gone. Driving lessons have become more complex with additional cars on the roads, more complicated road procedures and the driving test itself being a lot longer.

Advice for Driving Lessons

image for driving lessons and driving school advice

If you are just looking for advice then my team in the office will be happy to help you. You can either call them or use the very handy chat widget to the bottom right of the website. You can also contact me on my Driving School Dave FaceBook page too. Advice will be in your interest and using our mission statement honest and with integrity.

Currently are driving school covers Callington, Liskeard, Saltash, LauncestonPlymouth and Southampton and all the surrounding areas.


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