Become a Driving Instructor

Thinking of becoming a Driving Instructor? Given it some thought but looking for more information? Or you just keep coming back to the idea but never pursuing it! Well never fear, 1st 4 Driving is here! Sick of the 9-5 grind or missing out on birthdays, sports days or any other important events? We’ve got the perfect fix… Become a Driving Instructor!

📦 It’s Moving in Day

The idea of becoming a driving instructor is moving in and will be living in your head rent free. We understand the idea of changing your career and changing your life for the better requires some serious consideration and can be incredibly compelling. The list of questions in your head are endless, the doubt, the uncertainty, it can be overwhelming.

This is where we come in and fix that for you. We have compiled a list of answers to all your questions. We hope to ensure you’re making an informed decision on what’s best for you.

⏰ How long will it take?

The training process typically can take between 6-8 months. This can vary, dependant on test availability and your own availability. On average, you can expect to be on a trainee licence within 3-4 months time. The trainee licence is issued for 6 months but you can take and pass your test within this time.

⌚ What are the typical working hours?

As a self-employed driving instructor, you get to choose exactly which days and what hours you’d like to work. Each driving lesson is usually 2 hours long so you can structure your day around this. Typically, an instructor will do their first lesson 8am-10am, then 10.30am-12.30pm for their second lesson and then take an hour or lunch. In the afternoon, their typical hours would be a 1.30pm-3.30pm, ending the day with a 4pm-6pm. You can of course start or finish earlier or later or take more or less time for lunch, depending on what’s best for you. A lot of driving instructors also work their schedule around the school run.

😟 Is the training difficult?

Most of the training will be stuff you’ve already done. The Part One test is just like a theory test you would have taken when learning to drive yourself. The Part Two Test is the exact same as a driving test except the duration is 1 hour rather than 40 minutes and you are only allowed up to 6 driver faults rather than 15. Part Three is where it does get slightly trickier but don’t worry, we’re here to help and guide you through! The Part Three training involves teaching your trainer how to drive (role playing), observing your trainers driving lessons and having your trainer observing your driving lessons once you’re on a pink licence. If you can drive a car and teach me how to make a cup of tea, you can teach people how to drive. (Unless you’re a milk before water type of person 🤮)

👷‍♂️ Can I still work whilst I’m training?

Now, we understand you’ve got to keep food on the table whilst undertaking your training. Luckily, you will start earning money while you’re still training. The ‘Pink Licence’ (Trainee Licence) allows you to begin your new job as a driving instructor while you’re still training. You will be teaching pupils and giving driving lessons to prepare yourself for the Part Three test where you will be assessed on your ability to teach. In the meantime, Part One training can all be done online in your spare time at home. Your Part Two Training will be in car with a trainer but you should only need 10-12 hours max for this so it can be scheduled around your availability (evenings or weekends if needed).

💸 When will I start earning money?

As previously mentioned, you can begin to earn money from this job while you’re still training. After you have passed your Part One and Part Two tests (doable in 3 months), you will be required to undertake 40 hours of Part Three training. These 40 hours can be taken online, via zoom calls, watching YouTube videos, completing the ‘DTE-Elite My Training’ course online. Some of these hours will also be taken in car with your trainer. Once you have 40 hours accounted for, you can apply for your trainee licence which will allow you to start working and earning money as a driving instructor.

📅 How do I keep my diary full of pupils?

At 1st 4 Driving, we receive such a high demand for driving lessons each day. We have to turn away so many people as our driving instructors are always so busy with full diaries. We could fill at least 4 more diaries in each area we cover with the sheer level of enquiries we receive. What we need is you, to come and take some of these pupils we’re having to let down. Due to our highly ranked website pages and marketing skills, we will have pupils ready and waiting for you each time you need a top up.

🚗 Is the car included?

Where we don’t offer the car as part of the franchise, we can put you in touch with an excellent car leasing company. They will assist you in finding the right car for you. They offer both used and brand new cars, perfect for teaching people to drive in. If you already own a suitable car you would like to use, we can put you in touch with a company that will fit dual controls for you.

💰 How much will it cost me?

We have different options and payment plans available with a 1 year contract or a 2 year contract which the price depends upon. To take a look at these pricing options, click the button below. The training fee will include the full Part One training with online resources, 10-12 hours of Part Two training (10-12 is the average needed) and the full Part Three training. It does exclude test and badge fees. The Part One Test is £81 and the Part Two and Part Three tests are £111 each. A Trainee Licence will cost £140 and a full ADI badge will cost £300. This may seem like a lot to you, but it’s an investment worth making to reap the rewards and benefits of becoming a driving instructor.

🤝 What’s included in the Franchise?

The franchise will officially commence from the date you qualify as an ADI, however you will be using the franchise services before you even start teaching. The first franchise fee payment is taken 1 week following the commencement of your Trainee Licence. Included in your franchise, you will receive:

🚘 Full Livery for your car

📆 A full diary, we use Total Drive (an online diary that can be used by both office staff and instructors in sync)

👩‍💼 Full time support from our dedicated office staff

🎓 Full time support from Dave Foster, MA.Dip.DI (School Owner)

✍ Free CPD Training

💳 Licence checks on every pupil before their first lesson

💲 Payments taken upfront before every lesson by the office, then 100% of the lesson fee is bank transferred to you the Wednesday after the lesson.

📋 Free Public Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

💻 Online resources and downloads for your pupils, including free revision cards and free theory test training

✅ Everything is taken care of for you, all you have to do is the Driving Lesson!

🥳 Congratulations! You made it to the end

We hope this has helped give you an insight and some perspective on becoming a driving instructor. If you have any more questions we haven’t covered, would like more information or you’re interested in becoming a driving instructor with us, please fill out the form below👇👇

    We really look forward to hearing from you and opening a new and exciting chapter for you 😊

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