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There's never been a better time to start training to become a driving instructor. Read on to find out why 👇

Looking for a career change? Hello 👋

Ever thought to become a driving instructor?

Every single year, thousands of people are getting up from their desks, throwing their name badges into the bin or hanging up their high-vis jackets to take the leap to become a driving instructor.

We’ve all been there. Empty hopes of promotion. Overworked and under paid. The same problems day in, day out.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Whether you’re just looking for a career change or you’re sick of your current employment, every driving instructor was in your position at one point.

The time has come to take back control of your life.


Almost half of the UK’s workforce are unhappy with work and seeking a new career

Source – London Business School

Let's get you back in the driving seat 🚗

Sleepwalking into a dead-end. Day-dreaming through your lunch breaks. Visions of your dream job.

The time for dreaming ends now.

We're talking about:

  • A job you can be proud of
  • Flexible working hours that suit you
  • Setting your own salary goals
  • Recession-proof job security
  • Becoming your own boss
  • Opportunities to build your career and even train others

99% of people simply never act on their dreams. With 1st 4 Driving, it couldn't be easier to be in the 1%.

Let's run through exactly why you should make the jump right now 👇

driving instructor training package

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 🧮

  1. Get a DBS check from the DVSA. You can get started with that today by clicking here. We can start your training while we wait.
  2. There are three tests to take (we go into that in more detail further down the page). We’ll provide full training for each of these.
  3. Before your final test, you’ll be working on a trainee licence. This allows you to earn while you learn and develop your skills as a driving instructor. Once you’ve passed this test, you’ll become a qualified driving instructor (ADI).

You’ll get full support with your training throughout from your trainer, our office team and our Head of Training Dave Foster MA, Dip. DI.

A comprehensive training package

Our unique training package includes a mix of in-car, online and classroom training, giving everything you need to achieve all your goals.

There’s a lot to think about, and we know you’re going to have more questions.

Questions like:

What’s it really like to be self-employed?

Will there be enough work for me?

How long will the training take?

everything you wanted to know about driving instructors

Changing careers is a big deal at the easiest of times, and we understand you're going to have a LOT of questions.

We're here to help

With expert office staff on hand to answer any question you might have, you've never been closer to an amazing career.

We've helped so many people become driving instructors and it all starts right here

Once we've contacted you, we'll offer to send you our mini-book: Becoming a Driving Instructor: Everything You Wanted to Know

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    it's simple to become a driving instructor

    This is how simple it is to become a driving instructor:

    As well as helping pupils pass their driving test, training people to become driving instructors is what we’re best at.

    Our training course, developed over two decades of research, qualifications and industry experience, has been perfected and updated for 2023.

    We have driving instructor trainers on hand in most areas across the South of England and Wales – and we can usually carry out training sessions around your current working hours.

    Driving instructor training is broken up into 3 tests that must be passed sequentially, each of which we provide full training and resources for.

    Part 1 – theory knowledge 📚

    This test is much like the theory test that learner drivers sit, using the same test centres and computerised testing system.

    There are more questions in the part 1 test and you’re allowed fewer incorrect answers. Once you become a driving instructor, you’ll be applying this knowledge every single day in your lessons.

    The test is split into two sections:

    • 100 multiple choice questions
    • 14 hazard perception video clips

    Our part 1 training is carried out online on Theory Test Pro, an award-winning theory test training system (a version of which your pupils will eventually get access to)

    All your questions answered. Click here

    Part 2 – driving ability 🚘

    Once you have displayed a capable knowledge of driving theory, you’ll be required to demonstrate your practical driving skills.

    When you become driving instructor, your demonstration of technique, control and observation will be absolutely key.

    Like the part 1 test, this part has similarities to the learner experience. The part 2 test is up to an hour long and you’re allowed no more than 6 driving faults.

    Part 2 training is usually carried out over 8-10 hours of in-car sessions and can be undertaken alongside your part 1 training.

    🗣️ A quick word on the trainee licence scheme

    Once you've passed your part 2 test and completed enough part 3 training, you'll be able to apply for a PDI (potential driving instructor) licence. This allows you to earn as you learn as a trainee driving instructor by teaching real pupils of your own.

    Your trainer will discuss this with you closer to the time and we will support you throughout.

    Find out more about the trainee licence scheme by clicking here.

    Part 3 – teaching ability 🧑‍🏫

    driving instructor training resources

    By now you’ll have proven your driving knowledge in your part 1 test, demonstrated your own skills in your part 2 test and been teaching pupils on your trainee licence.

    All that’s left now on your quest to become a driving instructor is to prove your teaching ability. This is the part 3 test.

    Here, an examiner will sit in the back of one of your driving lessons with an existing pupil. You’ll carry out a real lesson and the examiner will give you a score based on a number of factors.

    Your part 3 training will consist of a tried and tested blend of in-car, online and face-to-face training, but you will gain and develop most of your skills on your trainee licence.

    Essential parts of your training will include our revolutionary online training system and the Reflective Workbook, which will be with you every step of the way.

    be proud to work as a driving instructor

    A job you can be proud of

    There's nothing more satisfying than taking your pupil to their driving test and seeing them pass.

    The satisfaction runs through every single thing you do, whether it's helping with a simple reversing manoeuvre or overcoming a fear of roundabouts. Watching all those hours of hard work pay off makes this job so rewarding.

    The truth is that everybody remembers their driving instructor.

    Doing this job will make you feel appreciated and you'll know you're doing something worthwhile.

    You'll turn that dreaded Monday feeling into excitement.

    And that's before we've even mentioned how much you can earn as a driving instructor.

    how much money you can make as a driving instructor

    Let’s talk about money 💷

    When you become a driving instructor, the money will start to roll in very quickly.

    Lesson rates fluctuate by area, but you can expect to see somewhere between £30 and £36/hour for the work you do.

    Working 36 hours a week at £30 an hour with four weeks' holiday would give you a gross annual income of over £51,000.

    And the best bit? Lesson prices are always on the rise 📈

    There are several outgoings to consider, such as your car and franchise payments. We go into these more in the free book. But even with those, the earning potential as a driving instructor is one of the key reasons why many people make the switch.

    Post-pandemic demand has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, which has driven lesson prices up in many areas. This gives us the best of both worlds – lots of pupils and high lesson rates.

    And with the flexibility that this job offers, you can really earn what you want. You’re your own boss and you can work as much or as little as you like.

    time to to find out

    Make more time for the things that matter ⌚

    Another great aspect of this job is its flexibility.

    You can take holiday whenever you like and work as much or as little as you desire. We have some instructors who work part-time hours and some that work 60-hour weeks (they must be mad!).

    If you have certain commitments throughout the week, you can block time out of your diary and work around it.

    ✅ Need to do the school run? No problem!

    ✅ Fancy taking every Wednesday off? You're the boss!

    ✅ Want to finally take Christmas off this year? Go for it!

    You've got the keys to take back control of your life and restore your work/life balance.

    driving instruction secure job

    Job security you can rely on 🔐

    The days of company restructuring and redundancies are over.

    And what’s more, this is recession-proof. People will always need driving lessons.

    Over 750,000 driving tests are taken in a normal year, with a massive backlog of people waiting for tests on top of that since the pandemic. There will always be a need for driving instructors.

    Not only is the security of this job great, but so is the satisfaction you get. I remember the first time my pupil passed their driving test with me. The feeling was great, but in the test centre that day was a grumpy old man. He said to me “It soon wears off and you’ll get bored.”

    I promised to myself that the day that happens I will get out and 17 years later I am still here.

    Dave Foster, Head of Training and Managing Director

    everything you wanted to know about becoming a driving instructor

    Changing careers is a big deal at the easiest of times, and we understand you're going to have a LOT of questions.

    We're here to help

    With expert office staff on hand to answer any question you might have, you've never been closer to an amazing career.

    We've helped so many people become driving instructors and it all starts right here

    Once we've contacted you, we'll offer to send you our mini-book: Becoming a Driving Instructor: Everything You Wanted to Know

    Fill in the form to get a no-obligation callback

    We’ll call you back

    And there’s no obligation to sign up

      Which car will you pick when you become a driving instructor? 🚗

      As a driving instructor, your car is your office, and you can choose where you want to work.

      Some great examples of driving tuition cars are:

      • Ford Fiesta
      • Vauxhall Corsa
      • Kia Picanto
      • Toyota Yaris

      Most instructors go down the leasing route. This tends to bundle in things like servicing and dual-controls for a hassle-free experience. Leasing also means you usually get a new car every couple of years which is a really nice perk.

      Alternatively, you can opt to use your current car (if it’s suitable). You’ll need to make sure you can get dual controls fitted and that it’s eligible to take to a driving test.

      We go into much more depth on this subject in the free book. Request a callback to get your copy now.

      work for a driving school franchise

      What the instructors are saying 💬

      For the almost 40,000 driving instructors in the UK, taking the jump and starting training was the first step on the way to an amazing career with great benefits, high earning potential - and most importantly - restoring their work/life balance.

      But don't just take our word for it. Check out what these instructors have to say about their job 👇

      The fact I can pick and choose my hours and what days I work, works great around having a family. It means I never have to miss school plays or sports matches, I can do the school runs and take holiday time when the kids are off school. I count myself very lucky to spend my days in a job I adore 🥰

      💬 Louise - ADI, St. Ives

      Working for employers never really suited me. I like to be able to manage my own time and have time for other commitments. I also enjoy the freedom to develop new skills. Driving instruction can benefit your health too – when I became an ADI I went for 6 years without a single day off sick!

      💬 Anthony - ADI, Southampton

      I became an instructor because I was totally fed up with the pub restaurant trade. I now get quality time with my partner and family at Christmas whereas before I was too shattered to enjoy it. This is especially important to me now that my parents are much older.

      💬 Vince - ADI, Bristol

      I got fed up with being made redundant. Having been in the transport industry for many years I had been made redundant a few times.

      Today I love working the hours I want and love the job satisfaction

      💬 Tony - ADI, Southampton

      And these guys aren't alone. The life of a driving instructor is one that is highly rewarding, both financially and in terms of job satisfaction.

      working for a driving school

      Will there be enough pupils for me?? 🤔

      YES! (But only if you choose the right driving school).

      With 1st 4 Driving, you’ll not only be in the safest hands when it comes to your training. We’re also experts at sourcing pupils through our multiple marketing channels.

      The pupils are already flowing in. So many people are finding our website, seeing the great driving lessons we offer and want to book with us. They want the exclusive downloads, the free theory training and the progress record card to accompany their lessons. But we just don’t have enough instructors in many areas to meet demand.

      This is sad.

      These would-be pupils are either hopefully joining our waiting list (waiting for you to get trained) or going to other driving schools and getting a lesser experience.

      And the situation has only exacerbated since 2020…

      driving instructor training covid

      COVID update 🦠

      As a driving school, we were turning away hundreds of pupils a week pre-pandemic due to our instructors being fully booked.

      And then COVID struck.

      The world ground to a halt in 2020 and millions of people put their driving aspirations on hold.

      Put simply, the industry has never been busier. Those who turned 17 during the lockdown period are still looking for lessons and adding their names to waiting lists.

      People will always need driving instructors, it's just a fact of life. And with a national shortage of instructors in the UK, the pupils are piling up.

      The best time to start training to become a driving instructor is now. The pupils are waiting and the industry is flourishing. Lesson rates are at an all-time high.

      Can you really afford to miss out?

      driving instructor data-recalc-dims=

      So let’s get this straight…

      Becoming a driving instructor is made easy by selecting the right driving school to train with
      ✅ As a driving instructor, you can easily earn a gross income upwards of £40,000
      ✅ This is a job that’s mega-rewarding, helping people achieve their own goals every single day
      ✅ No two days are the same. You’ll literally never be bored as a driving instructor
      ✅ Driving instructor jobs aren’t going away. In fact, there’s a national shortage
      ✅ We’re in a recession-proof industry. The work doesn’t dry up even when times are tough
      ✅ You’ll be your own boss and work as much or as little as you choose
      ✅ Get your work/life balance back by working the hours that suit YOU
      Train around your current work commitments
      ✅ Earn while you learn with the trainee licence scheme
      ✅ The best time to start training is right now

      What to do next tobecome a driving instructor👇

      becoming a driving instructor

      If you've been sitting there thinking "this sounds like something I'd love to get into" then we want to hear from you.

      Getting started is so easy - and it all starts with these 3 simple steps. We'll be here to help you every step of the way

      1. If you haven't done so already, request a no-obligation callback. We'll be able to answer every question you might have about becoming a driving instructor. If you're happy for us to, we'll arrange to send out a free booklet explaining the whole training process.

      2. We'll get you signed up. We've got a very simple contract we'll need you to sign. It covers the whole training process and franchise term. We know this is a big decision and there are so many driving schools to choose from, so we won't harass you into signing up. We're not like that. Despite that, we do believe we're the best choice for your training and our franchise support services are literally second to none.

      3. You'll need to do a DBS check with the DVSA (this is really easy). While we're waiting for this to come back, we'll add you to our theory test training system, and before you know it you'll be on your way to becoming a driving instructor.

      Request a callback now!

      *By entering your details to request a callback, you may receive communication from 1st 4 Driving and its sister company DTE-Elite. We will only ever send you helpful information about becoming a driving instructor and will NEVER pass your details on to any third party. You may unsubscribe at any time through the link at the bottom of any email. 1st 4 Driving is fully compliant with the The Data Protection Act (2018).

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