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How to book and pass your theory test first time

Once you have applied for your provisional licence and got it back, you’ll be able to start looking at booking your theory test. The theory test is the first of two tests you’ll need to pass before you can get your full UK pink driving licence.

pass your driving theory test

In this article we’ll run through everything you need to know about the theory test, including exactly how to book and practice for it so you can be 100% confident and ready for the big day.

How to apply for your provisional driving licence

Before you can get started with your driving lessons, you’ll need to apply for your provisional driving licence. The provisional licence is a form of photo ID that allows you to drive as a learner on the roads with the correct supervision. You may have seen your friends or family members carrying the little green card – that’s a provisional licence.

⚠️ Attention: It’s vitally important to note that you should NEVER use third-party websites to apply for your provisional driving licence. Among other issues, you’ll end up paying more money and giving sensitive information out to unverified companies to ultimately fill out the same form for you. Always ensure you use the official link when using government services. We’ve taken care to only link to official government sources in this article.

how to apply for your provisional licence

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