Cheap Driving Lessons – Are They Really Good Value?

How to find cheap driving lessons

I am always being told by driving instructors, all pupils want are cheap driving lessons. Is this true or do they want value driving lessons. Are the two the same?  I will in this article set out to explore some of the possibilities and what I believe might prove to be cheap driving lessons.Image for cheap driving lessons

Cheap driving lesson offers

10 hrs for £99 cheap driving lessons deal

Now this was a common cheap driving lessons deal offer doing the rounds a while ago.

Initially this looks like £9.90 a driving lesson but what are the terms of the offer?

  • Must have had less than 5hrs of previous driving lessons
  • Must not have had driving lessons with the same company before
  • Must not have a driving test booked.
  • You cannot use them for refresher lessons

So anyone thinking a quick few lessons to take them for the driving test are immediately excluded. The offer was designed to get brand new learners into the driving seat. Learners that would probably need another 20 plus hours of tuition after this offer expired. So to be of any value to the learner you would need to know what the lesson price was after. You would also need to be assured that those additional more expensive hours would not be dragged out longer than was needed.

image for cheap driving lessonsIf additional hours were £27 an hour and you needed another 35 hours to pass the test then the true cost per hour would be £23.20 per hour so maybe not too bad a deal for the pupil. But these deals usually came with another clause. You get 6 hours of tuition straight away from your initial 10 hours and the remaining 4 hours are held back for the driving test and lessons before. Still the same cheap driving lessons  deal but what if you really didn’t like the driving instructor or something changed that meant you needed to change lesson times or something? You would probably never see those remaining 4 hours.

This deal was designed to put bums on seats and keep them glued there whether you wanted to or not. It caused many an unhappy customer who would want those four hours refunded for some reason or another.

10 hours for £180 cheap driving lessons deal

This is a current offer by a driving school in Manchester and like the previous offer has a few terms and conditions.

  • You must be a new learner
  • Lessons are taken as 2 hour lessons
  • You must not have a driving test booked.

Again, an offer designed to put you behind the wheel of the car but gone is the holding back driving lessons for the driving tests. This is a better deal on the face of it.

Now let’s look at our pricing in more detail using our Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) estimated figures of how many cheap driving lessons you will need to pass the driving test.

If you took an additional 45 hours @£25 per hour then the average cost of 45 hours would be £23.44 Additional savings could be made of a further £2 an hour by booking the additional 35 hours in blocks of 10 hours. There is a lot more flexibility in this deal if for any reason you wanted to change instructors. The only stipulation is any hour taken from the block would be taken as the normal £25 hourly rate and the remaining paid back to you.

First 2 hours for £30 cheap driving lesson deal

This type of deal has been going around for a long time and is still current. Initially you can see that your first 2 hours would be just £15 an hour. The only stipulation is the 2 hours must be taken as one lesson. This cheap driving lessons  offer is normally open to anybody and not just new learners.

Advantages are that you can find out for a relatively small cost what the car and driving instructor is like before committing to further driving lessons. It is a fair type of cheap driving lesson offer designed to give both the pupil and the driving instructor a chance to assess each other. It’s a short term deal too so your peace of mind is assured.Picture of cheap driving lessons

Let’s look at the long term viability of this deal with the normal driving lesson rate after the offer and assuming the DVSA average lessons needed to pass the driving test. An additional 35 hours @£25 an hour would mean you end up paying an average driving lesson rate of £24.55, slightly higher than the previous offers but is that added peace of mind worth it? Do they do any discounts for block bookings? In the example I am looking at they do, 10 hour block booking lessons are £24 an hour bringing you average lesson price down to £23.60 pennies over the other offer.  I must confess that this cheap driving lessons offer above is one I am currently using for my own school in the Plymouth and Cornwall areas.

I run this deal because I believe it is a great deal for driving instructors and pupils alike. It has integrity and is fair. Having an offer fair to the driving instructor is good for the pupil too because they are happy and thus give better tuition. The 10 for £99 deal that was around for some years was not popular with the driving instructors as they felt it was too long a deal.

In Conclusion

The 2 offers 10 for £180 and 2 for £30 are good deals for the pupil. Most of it i marketing and those that understand marketing will know the secret is to come up with an offer that is different. The trick for the company is to ensure that everyone gets a fair deal. When all is said and done it’s down to you or the pupil to get the feel of the driving instructor and car and see if they are right for them. What is right for your friends is not always right for you. I was reading a quote recently about why is it 2 people can view a movie at the cinema and one comes out crying thinking it’s so emotional and the best movie ever and another comes out demanding their money back because they thought it was rubbish.

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