Driving lessons in Bodmin

If you’re looking to learn to drive, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve found the best driving lessons in Bodmin!

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Why we’re the best driving lessons in Bodmin

From our brilliant coaching methods to our proven record in helping people pass their test, there are loads of reasons why you should choose 1st 4 Driving as your driving school.

  • Top class tuition from the best trained driving instructors.
    • Our instructors will be able to pass their knowledge to you to make you confident on the road.
  • Great first time pass rate.
    • A lot of our pupils in Bodmin pass first time. Want a piece of that?
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.
    •  We’ll refund you if you’re unhappy with your lessons! (Terms and conditions apply).
  • Free online theory training.
    • When you book with us, you will get full, free theory training to help you through your test.
  • The best qualified driving school owner in the country.
    • Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI is the founder and owner of 1st 4 Driving, who holds one of the only Master’s Degrees in Driver Training Education in the country.
  • Personalised record card.
    • You’ll receive a progress report card that your instructor will fill out each lesson, meaning you can track your own progress towards passing.
  • We cover the surrounding area.
  • You’re in safe hands with us.

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £40. Click here

🖱️💻 Book lessons now and get access to the Learner Hub!

Our revolutionary new online driving Learner Hub will accompany your in-car learning with loads of great features designed to help you pass your test faster.

online driving lessons
  • Videos covering every single part of the Learn to Drive syllabus
  • Noticeboard for news and updates from us and the DVSA
  • Loads of downloadable resources and helpful links
  • Revision for things like stopping distances and ‘show me tell me’ questions
  • Discussion forum designed for asking questions – or general chat
  • Discounted learner insurance
  • Buy more blocks of lessons straight from the Hub
  • Quizzes and courses (coming soon)

And the best part is that you get all this for free alongside access to Theory Test Pro when you book in with us!

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55% of Learners Fail the Driving Test. Book Lessons Now To Find Out Why 98% Pass With Us!

If would like to read about us in more detail, then here is the information on why YOU need to choose 1st 4 Driving as your driving school for driving lessons.

You need a driving school in your area that you can trust, and one that is backed by strong foundations and correct and proper teaching, which is not often found in most other driving schools. You need to know that the driving school you choose will get you through your driving test at a pace to suit you and not waste your valuable money and time. Driving lesson price can not necessarily guarantee all this.

While it’s true that the most expensive is not necessarily the best, it’s probably true that the cheapest won’t be. Buying driving lessons in Portsmouth is a life skill and something that shouldn’t be chosen by picking the cheapest driving lessons around. Your driving instructor needs to be honest and needs get you to where you want to be in a time frame that suits you. Therefore, what you want is the independence of driving on your own as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible. That’s where we come in.

  • 1st 4 Driving was established in 2000 and incorporated in 2005, so you know we’re here to stay for you.
  • We get you on the road to independence quicker with our proven systems.
  • While not the cheapest initially, we will save you £££s in the long run by reducing the overall amount of lessons you take.
  • Our high first-time pass rate ensures you don’t waste money on extra driving tests and driving lessons in Hastings.
  • Nobody really wants driving lessons or driving tests, you want to be driving your own car independently. That’s what we can do for YOU!

We pride ourselves on our reviews!

driving lessons in southamptonMike has been a great driving instructor. I was very nervous at the start of learning to drive, Mike helped build my confidence and he was patient when things went a bit wrong. He always made sure I understood what he was explaining and that I wasn’t just agreeing with what he said.

Learning with Mike was something I looked forward to. What I really liked about learning with Mike was that he didn’t just teach me how to pass my test and drive on test routes, he taught me to drive and be able to cope with lots of different situations. He was happy to sit in the car through my test at my request. I would highly recommend Mike as an instructor.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dante, Southampton

What to expect from your lessons

It only takes a quick Google search to see just how many driving schools there are operating in the Bodmin area. But it’s safe to say that our lessons stand out in the crowd. Your driving instructor will make your lessons relevant to your personal development and learning style.

  • We don’t do generic teaching. Learning with us will be focused around YOU and how you need to learn.

We make the whole process easy for you, from booking lessons to eventually passing. We even book your driving test for you! All you need to do is turn up for your driving lessons in Bodmin and let your driving instructor coach the best out of you so you become a safe, confident driver to handle all the tricky day-to-day scenarios on the roads.

Different types of driving lessons in Bodmin

  • Complete beginner? No problem!

Most of our new pupils are complete beginners, and that’s great! Our driving instructors are very experienced in getting people from the complete beginner stage to passing and having their own independence.

  • Had a few tries with Mum and Dad? Ok!

It’s quite common that pupils have had a few sessions with their parents or an older sibling before they come to us. On your first lesson, your instructor will gauge your progress and we’ll get those bad habits out of you!

  • Come from another school? You’re welcome with us!

We get a lot of phone calls from people who have had bad tuition with another driving school or instructor (we’ve heard some real horror stories). Rest assured, 1st 4 Driving’s instructors never ‘shout’ or be rude to you. Remember, these are your driving lessons and the aim of the game here is to get you on the road on your own.

  • Want to get back into driving? Great!

Perhaps you passed years ago, or you stopped learning for whatever reason, but you want to get back into learning. We can accommodate mature students and also refresher lessons for those who want to gain a bit more confidence on the roads. Some people need these after a break in driving or after a health problem to get them back into driving.

Full, free theory training when you book with us!


All 1st 4 Driving pupils are entitled to full, free theory training when they book driving lessons in Bodmin with us. This is great for a couple of reasons:

  • You’ll get access to Theory Test Suite, an online resource that you can access from your computer at home or the app on the go.
  • You are twice as likely to pass your theory test with Theory Test Suite.
  • Once you’ve had your first lesson with us, give us a call and we’ll give you your unique login so you can start learning straight away.

Driving through of Bodmin

We cover the whole of Bodmin, so we should be able to offer you lessons wherever you are. Maybe you’re studying at Bodmin College and you want to get picked up from there for your lesson. That should be no problem for our instructor, just speak to our friendly office staff

Navigate those new road layouts

If you’re in Bodmin you’ll know how much of a face-lift its roads have had over the last couple of years (including the extensive roadworks). Your driving instructor will be able to show you exactly what these new roads are all about and how to tackle them. Your experience learning with us will not only make you a great independent driver, but also a responsible pedestrian and road user.

Bodmin’s Test Centre

Bodmin has its own driving test centre and your driving instructor may take you there in preparation for your driving test day. On the day of your test we will ensure that your examiner, the car for you to take your test in and your driving instructor are all coordinated ready for you. It’s usual that you would take your driving test in the same car that you have been having your driving lessons in so you will be familiar.

🧭 Your nearest driving test centre is…

32-36, Walker Lines Offices,
Beatrice Road
PL31 1RD

Click here to check by postcode

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £40. Click here

Driving Lessons Bodmin routes

Your driving instructor will already know all the little areas that might give you problems and will take you to practice them so you will be 100% confident on the day of your driving test.

During your driving test you can expect to be taken on many different types of roads. Your driving lessons will cover all of these road layouts and situations. The A38 main trunk road is easily accessible from the test centre and part of your learning will be on this road too. You’ll also get to learn how to navigate the tricky roundabouts Bodmin has to offer, from the smaller ones to the bigger like Carminnow Cross.

It’s so easy to book!

What’re you waiting for? We’re the best driving lessons in Bodmin, we’ve got great reviews, free theory training and super instructors who will personalise your driving lessons. What more could you ask for?

You can book now by:

Calling the office on: 0330 22 33 123

Book online by clicking here

Email us at info@1st4driving.co.uk

Chat with us by clicking on that annoying little pop up at the bottom of the screen where a real person will book your driving lessons for you or answer any questions.

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