Deal choice

How about a choice of deals?

Deal 1

Your 1st 2 hours of tuition for just £15 each hour

Taken as a 2 hour driving lessons


Deal 2

The first 10 hours for £240 when paid in advance

Taken as 5 x 2 hour lessons


But it doesn’t end there!


Using our FULL* access to Theory Test Pro where you are more likely to pass first time compared to other theory training methods.

*(not part as some schools do and you have to subscribe to get the full deal)

We do coaching too not shouting at our pupils

Some schools are stuck in the dark ages and use old-fashioned teaching methods, we use coaching and this means you not only learn faster and pass you test quicker but you save money too and you’ll never guess what…………

It’s fun too!

Ok I know what you’re thinking, how much are the lessons after the intro deal?

We are not the cheapest, but we’re not the most expensive but we are the best value.

Remember you’ll pass quicker with coaching at your pace.

We offer an easy pricing structure and you can find out by clicking you area below;

Prices Cornwall

Prices Plymouth

Prices Southampton

But don’t hang around as most of our instructors have closed their diaries as they are full!!

To book your Driving Lessons online, simply click here Book Driving Lessons. Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 22 33 123 or email. You can also use the chat widget below.