Driving Instructor Training in Southampton

As well as being a great driving school for pupils, 1st 4 Driving are also able to offer driving instructor training in Southampton using our unique coaching methods, expert instructor trainers and a proven track record of helping people achieve their goals.

Driving instructor training in Southampton

✔The easiest way to train as a driving instructor in Southampton

Whether you’re only just looking at becoming an instructor or you’ve started your driving instructor training Southampton with another school and you’re finding that you’re not making progress, you’re going to need training to help you become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon 1st 4 Driving, who are experts in helping with such training.

Here’s how we help:

  • Part 1 – You’ll get access to the best online resource that’s proven to double your chances of passing.
  • Part 2 – Anthony, our driving instructor trainer in Southampton, will ensure that you’re test-ready and any bad habits are ironed out.
  • Part 3 – As a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor), our expert instructor trainer will ensure that you meet all the criteria to pass and join the ADI register.

Why Choose 1st 4 Driving?

✂ Tailored Training – instructor training in Southampton for success

Our driving instructor training program is tailored to meet your specific needs and learning style. The training also uses a holistic approach to training that combines the theory, the driving and in-car training. Furthermore, you’ll get to observe real driving lessons with your trainer and will be eased gently in to teaching when the time is right. Something very few other driving schools do! We understand that everyone is unique, which is why we personalise our training to maximise your potential for success.

✅ Elite Instruction

1st 4 Driving takes great pride on providing top quality training to aspiring driving instructors in Southampton. Our sister school, DTE-Elite provides the training and is renowned for supplying top quality driving instructor training and resources. Additionally, our team of skilled professionals will guide you every step of the way. Rest assured, their goal will be to ensure you receive the highest standard of instruction. Upon completing the required hours of training, you will always have a job with 1st 4 Driving, the premium school for driving instructors.

📈 Opportunities to Grow

As a result of an ever-growing demand for qualified driving instructors, job security and opportunities for career progression are abundant. Consequently, as the driving industry continues to evolve, you’ll have the chance to develop new skills and stay at the forefront of the field. For example, driving instructor training itself provides new opportunities and challenges. After all, one of our team trains ambulance drivers to drive at high speed emergency pursuit. Driving instructor training courses are also something that we offer, with our new course recently released. Furthermore, to allow you to continue growing your skills, we offer FREE CPD part 3 and standards check classroom training annually.

driving instructor training in Southampton

🎖Rewarding career, driving instructor training Southampton

As a driving instructor, you have the privilege of helping learners gain the skills and confidence they need to navigate the roads safely. Each day brings new challenges and the joy of seeing your students succeed. As a result of your guidance, your pupil now has a new found freedom and a skill for life. The pride and joy you feel when watching your students face light up upon being told they’ve passed their driving test is like no other.

🚦 Practical Experience

Agreeably, theory is important. However, we believe practical experience is vital in becoming an exceptional driving instructor. Therefore, our program includes ample opportunities for hands-on training. This allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios under the guidance of experienced instructors.

📘 Cutting-Edge Resources and Technology

With access to state-of-the-art resources and technology, you’ll stay ahead of the curve throughout your training journey. Not only do we offer interactive learning materials but also virtual driving simulations. We provide you with the tools necessary to excel in your future career.

🗣 Expert Advise

With Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, you’ve got the most professional, expert advice in the palm of your hands. Any question or query you may have, Dave has the answer. From weekly zoom calls to pick Dave’s brains, the opportunity to book 1 to 1 calls and never ending YouTube video’s made by Dave Foster, you can’t go wrong.

A Word of Wisdom: The trainee licence scheme is a great way of earning while you craft your trade as a driving instructor in Southampton. We’re big advocates of it – watch the video below to find out why.

👌It really is that simple

  • The process to become a driving instructor in Southampton can take anywhere between two and eight months depending on how quickly we can get tests booked for you and whether you pass them all first time.
  • The training itself can also be done relatively quickly. Because our training is holistic, waiting for tests will not hold you back. You can be preparing for a part 2 test while waiting for the part 1. Many schools will hold you back! We can even work this training around your current work so you’re not missing out financially.
  • Once you’ve passed the Part 2 and you’ve done sufficient training, you can earn while you learn on a ‘trainee licence’.
  •  Anthony, your instructor trainer in Southampton is a well-renowned instructor with a great pass rate and great local knowledge.
  • You’ll always have the backing of our expert office staff, who will book tests for you and support you in your training.

We have so much experience training driving instructors across the South of the UK, with a long established history of driving instructor training spanning two decades. Our instructor trainer in Southampton is the best in the area. Furthermore, he has achieved an outstanding ORDIT grade, meaning there’s no better choice for your driving instructor training.

📦Our packages for driving instructor training Southampton

Here at 1st 4 Driving, we’re always here to help you with your training. Therefore, our training packages include the full support of our dedicated, full time office team. (Including Dave Foster, MA, Dip.DI)

  • Test bookings for your local test centre – Maybush, Southampton.
  • Our training packages include the cost of up to three attempts at this test.
  • Help and guidance with your licence applications.
  • You’ll have the support of your instructor trainer, our office staff and the other 1st 4 Driving instructors in the Southampton for help.

We have training packages that include in excess of 116 hours of blended tuition, unlike some that barely cover 50 hours. They can include the cost of your PDI & ADI licences, the hours that will make up your training, and up to three attempts at each test. Furthermore, our courses include a Quadruple Guarantee Click the button below for more information 👇

Who are we?

Established almost two decades ago, 1st 4 Driving have a long track record of both helping people pass their driving test, as well as helping people become driving instructors. Founded and managed by Dave Foster, MA, Dip.DI, we uphold the highest training standards for both our learners and our potential instructors.

Dave holds one of the only Master’s Degrees in the industry, achieving this in Driver Training Education with Middlesex University in 2011. His unrivalled experience, research and knowledge in both the education and driving sectors mean that he is unquestionably the best qualified driving school owner in the country.

Frustrated with the low standard of driving instructor training at the time, Dave set out to make a change to the industry he was passionate about. That’s what 1st 4 Driving is all about – the best quality tuition from the best quality driving instructors.

So when you do your driving instructor training with 1st 4 Driving, you know you’ll be in safe hands with the best qualified, professional driving instructor trainers in Southampton.

Why wait? Get your driving instructor training in Southampton now

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