Driving Instructor Training in Portsmouth

As well as being a great driving school for pupils, 1st 4 Driving are also able to offer driving instructor training in Portsmouth. Using our unique coaching methods, expert instructor trainers and a proven track record of helping people achieve their goals.

Driving instructor training in Portsmouth

🤝Welcome to the perfect career for you.

Whether becoming a driving instructor is something you have considered before or a completely new prospect for you, welcome. Becoming a driving instructor is the perfect path to follow in the search for a new career. Our driving instructor training in Portsmouth is an offer you can’t refuse

🤔 Why should I become a driving instructor?

Becoming a driving instructor allows you to be flexible within your job and gives you freedom in your working life. Got a birthday or important event you can’t miss? No need to pull a sicky, you can decide what days you work! Becoming a driving instructor comes with many benefits, don’t believe me? Just keep reading and you’ll see just how many benefits there is to completing your driving instructor training in Portsmouth.

🏆A Rewarding Career

There is no better feeling of joy (and relief) than when your pupil’s driving test examiner announces that they’ve passed. Watching your pupil’s face light up and seeing them grin from ear to ear will be a constant reminder why you chose this career. Additionally, you’ll be there to celebrate their triumphant moments as they conquer challenges too. All the dedication, time and effort you put in to each pupils pays off. With your help, support, knowledge and guidance, a pupil’s life changes forever. Each pupil is left with a positive impact as you’ve helped them gain their freedom on the roads.

📅No two days are the same

Each day presents a unique and unpredictable experience. You’ll encounter individuals from different walks of life, providing you with the opportunity to get to know each one personally. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into their distinct learning styles, which is a transferable skill that you’ll acquire as a direct result of your driving instructor training in Portsmouth.

💲High earning potential

Due to the surging demand for driving lessons, the cost of driving lessons have seen a significant increase in recent years. Therefore, this has lead to an unprecedented earning potential for driving instructors. As a driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving, you will see 100% of the money you make on driving lessons. Currently, the lesson price in Portsmouth is £34 per hour, however this is only expected to increase over time.

🤸‍♂️Flexible career

Your job will work around you. Got to do the school run? Have a birthday or event you need the day off for? No problem! As a driving instructor, you get to choose exactly which days and times you work to suit your schedule. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything again once you’ve completed your driving instructor training in Portsmouth.

Dave’s Triple Guarantee

Another compelling reason to choose 1st 4 Driving for your driving instructor training in Portsmouth is Dave’s Triple Guarantee. This guarantee reflects our genuine regard for your success. With this commitment, we seek to provide assurance and confidence to every trainee who may feel uncertain about embarking on a completely fresh career journey. Dave’s Triple Guarantee is outlined as follows:

1️⃣ I will give you your training fees back when you qualify*

2️⃣ I will give you your training fees back ‘if’ you fail**

3️⃣ I will guarantee you a job as a franchised driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving***

Sounds great! What’s included in your driving instructor training in Portsmouth?

By enrolling in driving instructor training in Portsmouth with 1st 4 Driving, you’ll gain access to an extensive training program comprising over 116 hours of training. Therefore, not only do you receive exceptional value for your investment in driving instructor training, but you will also receive the highest quality of driving instructor training in Portsmouth.

🧩Introduction Units: at least 38 hours

🚗Demonstration Units: 10-12 hours

👀Observational Units: 20 hours

🏡Home Study Units: 10 hours

👨‍🏫Teaching Units: 10 hours

🔍Coaching and Reflections:

🏛Classroom training: 10-15 hours

🖥Regular, weekly Zoom Calls: unlimited hours

📚DTE-Elite and Resources – Lesson Planner (Gold Edition), 31 Complete Plans, Reflective workbook

Why pick us for your driving instructor training in Portsmouth?

Hands on learning: Where the theory side of your driving instructor training in Portsmouth is important, we also believe that practical experience is crucially important. Practical experience builds a solid foundation in becoming a successful driving instructor. Therefore, our training offers plenty of opportunities for practical training, enabling you to apply your knowledge in real-life situations.

🎓Elite Driver Training Education: Accompanied by our driving instructor training school, DTE-Elite, we commit to providing the highest quality of driving instructor training in Portsmouth. Running a driving school renowned for its provision of top tier driving instructor training and resources is something we take great pride in.

Tailored training: Our driving instructor training in Portsmouth is tailored to suit your learning style. Furthermore, we combine theoretical knowledge, practical driving skills and in-car training. Additionally, you’ll receive the valuable opportunity to observe your trainers real driving lessons. We also recognise that each individual learns differently, therefore our training is provided to optimise your success.

📖Advanced technology and resources: With access to professionally developed resources and technology, you’ll stay at the forefront of innovation. Furthermore, we offer virtual driving simulations as well as interactive learning materials. Therefore, you will be fully equipped with the essential skills required to complete and be successful in your driving instructor training in Portsmouth.

How much will my driving instructor training in Portsmouth cost?

At 1st 4 Driving, we advocate for the idea that your aspirations and dreams should remain unhindered by financial limitations. To align with this belief, we have introduced a variety of packages that offer flexible payment options. Additionally, these payment alternatives provide you with the flexibility to select the most suitable path to initiate your new career journey. To enquire and select the package and payment plan that suits you and your needs, simply click button below👇

🧐Who are we?

Established almost two decades ago, 1st 4 Driving have a long track record of both helping people pass their driving test, as well as helping people become driving instructors. Founded and managed by Dave Foster, MA, Dip.DI, we uphold the highest training standards for both our learners and our potential instructors.

Dave holds one of the only Master’s Degrees in the industry. Dave achieved this in Driver Training Education with Middlesex University in 2011. His unrivalled experience, research and knowledge in both the education and driving sectors mean that he is unquestionably the best qualified driving school owner in the country.

Frustrated with the low standard of driving instructor training at the time, Dave set out to make a change to the industry he was passionate about. That’s what 1st 4 Driving is all about – the best quality tuition from the best quality driving instructors.

So when you do your driving instructor training with 1st 4 Driving, you know you’ll be in safe hands with the best qualified, professional driving instructor trainers in Portsmouth.

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