Automatic Driving Lessons in Reading

Learn to drive with confidence but without the gears when you choose our automatic driving lessons in Reading.

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  • Easily book your automatic driving lessons online or by phone
  • No gears, no clutch! It’s automatic
  • Friendly, reliable driving instructors in your area
  • We’ve got two decades of experience teaching every type of learner – there’s nobody better to learn to drive with than us
  • Every pupil gets full, free online theory test training
  • When you book your automatic driving lessons in Reading with us, you’ll get your own personalised pupil pack
  • Get the full support from a dedicated driving school, committed to helping you pass your driving test

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Your best choice for automatic driving lessons in Reading

When you book your driving lessons with us, you don’t just get driving lessons. You’ll also get theory training, full support from our dedicated office team, we’ll even book your driving tests for you.

Relax, we’ve got this!

We know there are so many automatic driving schools in Reading to choose from, but why go anywhere else now you’ve found us? We’re quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing, most reputable driving schools across the South of England. Combining great service with fun and productive driving lessons, you’ll love being a 1st 4 Driving pupil.

automatic driving lessons in Reading

Why choose automatic driving lessons?

2020 was reported to become the first year where new automatic car sales overtook new manual car sales. In short, automatic is quickly becoming the dominant transmission on the roads today.

And that’s no different in Reading. There’s never been a better time to start looking at booking automatic driving lessons. We’re seeing an incredible demand for automatic lessons due to changing requirements, attitudes and accessibility. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might choose to learn to drive in an automatic in Reading over manual.

  • Perhaps you’re nervous or anxious about learning to drive a manual car
  • With fewer controls to think about, learning to drive automatic can be simpler and less confusing
  • If you’ve had lessons in a manual car before and struggled, then automatic driving lessons could be the solution for you
  • Some people with disabilities or impairments may find automatic cars more accessible
  • International pupils including students coming from countries where automatic cars dominate the roads may be more comfortable learning to drive automatic. These countries include the USA and China
  • With the world moving towards electric vehicles (EVs), get prepared for a future of automatic driving
  • Or maybe you just simply like the idea of learning to drive in an automatic car!

Whatever your reason, you’re making a great choice by considering automatic driving lessons in Reading. In us, you’ve found the best driving school to help you pass your driving test and achieve your goals. Book your automatic driving lessons online now or call us on 0330 22 33 123 to get started.

Free theory training included

driving theory test training

Every 1st 4 Driving pupil gets full, free access to our theory training platform, Theory Test Pro. Pupils who use Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass their theory test.

Some driving schools do offer this, but beware – you’ll only usually get limited trial access to the system. With 1st 4 Driving, you get full unrestricted access using your own personal log-in to a comprehensive bank of questions and videos to practice with.

We’re committed to giving you the best value with your automatic driving lessons in Reading and helping you pass both the driving tests is no different. We believe that as driving instructors, it’s our duty to nurture our pupils to become well-rounded and confident drivers. We hold the highest standard for your learning experience and your progression is our responsibility.

Theory Test Pro allows you to practice the multiple-choice questions and hazard perception videos wherever you are. Whether this is at work, on the bus or at home. Using the mobile app or the website from a desktop/laptop device, you can access the system from wherever you are.

You’ll be able to use Theory Test Pro from home between your driving lessons and as well as helping you pass the theory test, it will also give you a better knowledge of the road and the way it works. This will give you more confidence in your practical lessons and help you learn that way.

Your nearest theory test centre will be in Reading on Greyfriars Road. If you’re ever unsure, you can contact our dedicated office team or speak to your driving instructor.

🖱️💻 Book lessons now and get access to the Learner Hub!

Our revolutionary new online driving Learner Hub will accompany your in-car learning with loads of great features designed to help you pass your test faster.

online driving lessons
  • Videos covering every single part of the Learn to Drive syllabus
  • Noticeboard for news and updates from us and the DVSA
  • Loads of downloadable resources and helpful links
  • Revision for things like stopping distances and ‘show me tell me’ questions
  • Discussion forum designed for asking questions – or general chat
  • Discounted learner insurance
  • Buy more blocks of lessons straight from the Hub
  • Quizzes and courses (coming soon)

And the best part is that you get all this for free alongside access to Theory Test Pro when you book in with us!

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Our pupils love us

We value each and every one of our pupils, and they love us too. Over the years, we’ve built up an impressive bank of testimonials and reviews, because everyone who passes with us wants to vouch for us.

automatic driving lessons in ReadingMy instructor was fantastic. He was friendly, reliable and has great knowledge of the test procedures.

I couldn’t have passed first time without his continuous support.

Eden ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wosim Orim
Wosim Orim
James is fantastic driving instructor. He was encouraging and calm which helped me gain a lot of confidence whilst driving as I was initially quite a nervous student. Even when I made mistakes (like driving the wrong way round on a roundabout !!!) he did not shout at me but rather he was very patient and still motivated me about my driving. His excellent teaching resulted in me passing first time and I am very, very grateful. 😊
Tom Senior
Tom Senior
Thank you so much to Aleks and all the instructors at 1st 4 driving for helping me pass 1st time. Aleks was calm, supportive and flexible and above all an excellent teacher. I would 100% recommend her and the school more generally for driving lessons.
KIERAN sampson
KIERAN sampson
My name is Kieran and I recently passed my driving test on the first attempt thanks to Louise’s school of driving , she is a great instructor and I highly recommend going with her if you are trying to learn to drive
Debora Julianna Ioanes
Debora Julianna Ioanes
Last week I passed my test on my second try with Mark Andrew. I had a great time learning and Mark knows the routes really well which was very helpful for me. Also, he did not pressure me to go beyond my abilities and took the time to build my confidence.
Stanley Clarke
Stanley Clarke
Passed 1st time, thank you Jo for the great help.
cameron sara
cameron sara
Top class driving instructor passed 1st time recommended to anyone
Benjamin Varco
Benjamin Varco
Jo was great, she made the lessons as stressless as possible, was always really calm and explained things really clearly! Would recommend to anyone that gets anxious very easily.
Katie Greer-Janes
Katie Greer-Janes
Passed my test first time after having Damon as an instructor. He did a brilliant job, was super enthusiastic and friendly from the first lesson and helped me relax. I would definitely recommend him as he’s a great teacher and really easy to get on with.
Ellouise Hanley
Ellouise Hanley
Nirmal was such a great instructor to have. I was very apprehensive about getting behind the wheel but she has given me the skills and confidence to be an independent driver for life! I was learning right up until the end of my pregnancy which was added pressure but Nirmal was very supportive.

You can read more of our reviews by clicking here.

Your very own personalised pupil pack

When you book your automatic driving lessons in Reading with us, you’ll receive a pack in the post with some goodies in.

Your starter pack will include a personalised record card, some learning materials, a link to get even more downloadable content – and the best part, a 1st 4 Driving pen!

As you can see in the image below, you’ll get a progress record card which will allow you to track your journey from your first steps as a new learner, right through to the day you pass your driving test.

The record card covers the whole DVSA ‘Learning to Drive‘ syllabus, meaning you’ll get through every aspect of learning to drive during your lessons.

You’ll build up the skills and knowledge on the road to make you a confident road user, ready to go to your driving test expecting a pass.

learner driver pupil pack

Learning to drive in an automatic car in Reading

As far as learning to drive goes, Reading is a town that offers a lot of opportunity to grow and develop your skills as a driver.

Being situated right in the heart of Berkshire, Reading is so well connected with links to London via the M4. You’re also just a stone’s throw away from much greener areas with more intricate country roads. This makes learning to drive in Reading very diverse and interesting, with lots of different road types in the area to practice and gain new skills.

We’ll start you off at your own pace and we’ll never push you faster than you’re comfortable with – but we’ll also never hold you back. Everybody learns to drive at their own speed and with a different learning style and we’ll tailor your automatic driving lessons to your needs.

Our driving instructors use modern coaching techniques approved by the DVSA to help you learn quickly and pass your driving test as soon as possible.

Since June 2018, learner drivers are now allowed to drive on the motorway, as long as they are accompanied by an ADI (approved driving instructor). This will give you a chance to gain valuable experience driving as part of your learning process.

Your practical driving test

🧭 Your nearest driving test centre is…

220 Elgar Road South

Click here to check by postcode

Your driving instructor will ensure that you’re completely confident and also familiar with the area around the test centre before you go to your test.

Remember – we’ll book your driving tests for you so you don’t need to worry about it. Once your instructor has told you that you’re ready, just contact the office and we’ll get you booked in. It’s as simple as that!

There really is no better time to start booking your automatic driving lessons in Reading. Click here to book online or call us on 0330 22 33 123 during normal working hours to speak to our expert office staff.

automatic driving lessons in Reading

Book your automatic driving lessons in Reading now

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