Automatic Driving Lessons in Wokingham

You’ve just found your best choice for automatic driving lessons in Wokingham. Let us tell you exactly why you need to book online now.

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  • Learn to drive without gears – we’ve got automatic driving instructors in your area
  • Our instructors are friendly, reliable and ready to help you
  • You’ll get free theory training when you book automatic driving lessons with us
  • We’ve got over two decades of experience behind us and a whole host of qualifications
  • Book online now and you’ll receive your very own record card to help you track your progress through to passing your driving test
  • We use DVSA-approved coaching techniques to give you personalised, tailored tuition
  • There’s nobody better to help you learn to drive in Wokingham

Your best choice for automatic driving lessons in Wokingham

With so many driving schools to choose from, we are your first and last stop for automatic driving lessons in Wokingham. We cover Wokingham, Bracknell and Reading for automatic lessons and we’ve been helping people pass their driving test for years.

There’s never been a better time to start learning to drive, and we’re cutting out the gears and the clutch with our modern automatic cars so you’ve got the best chance of passing your driving test first time.

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🖱️💻 Book lessons now and get access to the Learner Hub!

Our revolutionary new online driving Learner Hub will accompany your in-car learning with loads of great features designed to help you pass your test faster.

online driving lessons
  • Videos covering every single part of the Learn to Drive syllabus
  • Noticeboard for news and updates from us and the DVSA
  • Loads of downloadable resources and helpful links
  • Revision for things like stopping distances and ‘show me tell me’ questions
  • Discussion forum designed for asking questions – or general chat
  • Discounted learner insurance
  • Buy more blocks of lessons straight from the Hub
  • Quizzes and courses (coming soon)

And the best part is that you get all this for free alongside access to Theory Test Pro when you book in with us!

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Book now and get free theory training

driving theory test trainingAll 1st 4 Driving pupils who book automatic driving lessons with us get free theory training.

That’s right, book now and you’ll get your own unique login for Theory Test Pro, doubling your chance of passing your theory test.

You’ll get access to an enormous bank of DVSA-approved questions, meaning you can practice at home, on the bus or on your lunch break – wherever you are. Once you’ve booked lessons with us, you’ll be able to download the mobile app and start learning.

Theory Test Pro also has lots of hazard perception videos to start practicing with. These will give you valuable experience ready for the test, and to start preparing for your automatic driving lessons.

Your nearest theory test centre will be in Reading on Greyfriars Road.

We love our pupil reviews

We make learning to drive easy. And there’s no better testament to that than what our pupils think.

My instructor was amazing – without a doubt the best instructor you could ask for. His knowledge and way of teaching made learning to drive really easy.

He made lessons fun and when you got stuck he had effective ways to get around the problem and have you nail manoeuvres it first time.

I would highly recommend.

Rhys ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rhys isn’t alone. So many people have left us nice reviews, we’ve made a whole page dedicated to it. Click here to check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

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Personalised pupil pack included

But apart from great value driving lessons, amazing driving instructors, free theory training and great reviews – what else do we have to offer?

Well, each and every pupil that starts with us receives their very own starter pack. This includes a personalised progress record card. You’ll be able to use this to check your progress towards passing your driving test. Unlike some driving schools out there, we won’t hold you back, and you can check your proficiency in each part of the DVSA syllabus. This way, you can track your progress and work towards your practical test with the help of your driving instructor.

During your automatic driving lessons in Wokingham, your driving instructor may make reference to some downloads available from the website. The link and password you’ll need to use to access these will be inside your progress record card.

learner driver pupil pack

Your automatic driving lessons in Wokingham

Because we know that everybody learns at different speeds, we tailor your driving lessons to you.

Getting behind the wheel can be daunting at first, so we will always make sure we don’t push you too fast – but we’ll also never hold you back. We use modern, up-to-date coaching methods. No two people are the same, and we’ll always adapt the lesson plan and teaching delivery to match your learning style.

Choosing automatic driving lessons in Wokingham will allow you to learn to drive with confidence, with no gears or clutch to get in the way of you achieving your independence on the road.

🧭 Your nearest driving test centre is…

220 Elgar Road South

Click here to check by postcode

Your driving instructor will ensure that you’re familiar and confident with the routes around Reading before you go for your test.

automatic driving lessons in wokingham

Don’t delay – book now

We really do offer the best automatic driving lessons in Wokingham, and there has literally never been a better time to start.

You can book your driving lessons in Wokingham by:

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