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Learning to drive has never been easier than with our great value driving lessons in Callington.

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Here at 1st 4 Driving, we know there are so many driving schools to choose from. But luckily for you, you’ve stumbled upon a local Callington driving school you can trust. Here’s why you should book now 👇

  • Beginners get their first 2 hour driving lesson for just £30
  • We’ve got friendly, reliable driving instructors with great local knowledge
  • Every pupil gets free, full theory training when they book their driving lessons in Callington
  • Take advantage of our signature two-hour driving lessons – you’ll pass quicker!
  • Our office is local! Find us on Tillie Street next to the church
  • Our full-time office team are ready to help with bookings or any enquiries you may have
  • We’ve helped so many pass their driving test. Could you be next? Check out 2020’s Wall of Passes here
  • Our pupils love us. But don’t just take our word for it, let the reviews speak for themselves
  • Book online or call us Mon-Fri 9-5

Beginners – get your first 2 hour driving lesson in Callington for just £30!

For someone who has never even sat in the driver’s seat before (let alone driven a car), the prospect of learning to drive can be daunting. And with so many different driving schools to choose from, it’s important that you know you’re going to get along with your driving instructor when you commit to a block booking.

That’s exactly why we run this offer.

As a beginner, you can take full advantage of this deal on your first driving lesson, giving you the chance to get in the car and meet your instructor for the first time. You’ll be taken somewhere very quiet and shown the basic controls of the car. Your instructor won’t rush this process with you, but it’s also important to note that we’ll never hold you back. We know that everybody learns at different speeds and we’re committed to getting you test-ready.

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £30. Click here

Free theory training included when you book driving lessons

driving theory test training

Here at 1st 4 Driving, we’re here to help you through every single element of learning to drive. Unlike other schools (who just leave you to sort your theory test out yourself), we can help you progress your learning even when you’re not in the car with us.

We give you full, free access to Theory Test Pro, a leading app that helps you through your theory test with an enormous bank of multiple-choice questions to practice with and learn from, as well as dozens of DVSA-approved video clips for the hazard perception test.

One of the biggest worries pupils have about the theory test is the hazard perception section. For this, you’ll be shown a number of driving scenarios and you’ll need to identify developing hazards. There’s a real knack to getting this right first time, and using Theory Test Pro doubles your chances of passing!

Learning with Theory Test Pro and getting a good score on your theory test will put you in a great position to excel in your driving lessons in Callington, boosting your driving knowledge and awareness of other road users. Your nearest theory test centres are in Plymouth on Princess Street, or in Launceston on Western Road.

You can find out more about our free theory training by clicking here.

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Your personalised pupil pack

When you book your driving lessons in Callington with us, you’ll receive a personalised pack in the post that will be your perfect companion to learning to drive.

You’ll get:

  • A progress record card
  • Mock test forms
  • A 1st 4 Driving pen
  • Exclusive access to loads of downloadable content

At the very centre of your driving lessons in Callington will be your progress record card, allowing your instructor to tailor your lessons to you based on your progress. Following the DVSA’s own ‘Learning to Drive’ syllabus, your record card will accompany you through your whole journey, from your first time in the driver’s seat to the day you pass your practical test.

As a 1st 4 Driving pupil, you’ll also get access to online printable resources like the ‘show me, tell me’ questions, stopping distances and our terms and conditions.

Don’t miss out – book your driving lessons in Callington today!

learner driver pupil pack

Our pupils love us!

But don’t just take our word on it. We pride ourselves on our great reviews from pupils across Facebook and Google.

Passed my driving test first time with instructor.

Highly recommend – he was friendly, calm and helpful through all my lessons!

Sophie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sophie isn’t alone. Check out more great reviews here.

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £30. Click here

The 1st 4 Driving Online Learning System

driving lesson dealOur unique, innovative Online Learning System will give you a head-start over your friends when learning to drive. When you book driving lessons with us, you’ll get access to a bank of video lessons that will help you develop your driving skills from the comfort of your own home.

This means that you’ll:

  • Pass your driving test quicker
  • Understand everything you’re taught better
  • Learn to drive more easily
  • And end up saving money, too!

Pupils who use the Online Learning System spend less time and money in driving lessons going over the theoretical side of driving. This can be accessed by PC at home or by mobile on the go.

online driving lessons

And the best part? It’s completely FREE for all 1st 4 Driving pupils!

All you have to do to get access is book your driving lessons with us. Click here to read more or click the button below to book now.
Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £30. Click here

We’re local!

image of The Old Clink Callington nowWith our HQ located in the heart of Callington, you won’t find a more local driving school than us. We’re based on Tillie Street and our office is open during normal working hours. Got a question? Pop in and say hello. You can also contact us via email and telephone (see details below).

Our office is based in the historic Old Clink building on Tillie Street. Once a local jail, the Old Clink is now home to one of the UK’s fastest growing driving schools, with hundreds of pupils passing their driving test with us every year.

From Callington, your nearest practical driving test centre is in Launceston. Your instructor will ensure you’re confident with the local area and test routes before we take you to your test.

You can read more about the history of our office here.

Your driving lessons in Callington

The best thing about learning to drive with us is that we use modern, DVSA-approved coaching techniques. Passed down through two decades of experience, research and countless qualifications, we’ve perfected the art of teaching people to drive.

Everybody learns differently and at different speeds, which is why your driving lessons will be curated to your learning style and centred around your learning needs

🧭 Your nearest driving test centre is…

Suite 4, Sheers Barton Barns
PL15 9NJ

Click here to check by postcode

  • Need to be picked up from school or college? No problem
  • Morning or afternoon lessons available
  • Got a full licence already? Enquire about our refresher lessons
  • We’ll book your tests for you over the phone to save you the hassle
  • Book below 👇

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So what are you waiting for?

You can book your driving lessons in Callington by:

Calling the office on: 0330 22 33 123

Booking online by clicking here

Email us at info@1st4driving.co.uk

Chat with us by clicking on that annoying little pop up at the bottom of the screen where a real person will book your driving lessons for you or answer any questions.

Alternatively, you can fill out this form:

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