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Looking for driving lessons in St Ives? You’ve come to the right place. Find out why below. 👇👇

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Reasons to book driving lessons in St Ives with 1st 4 Driving

  • Get your first two hour driving lesson for just £40.
  • Free theory training when you book with us.
  • Free information pack for all pupils.
  • Friendly, reliable driving instructors.
  • We use the best, most up-to-date coaching methods to help you pass your test easily.
  • Our instructors are local to St Ives and know the area very well.
  • Learn quicker with our two-hour driving lessons.
  • We’re the best qualified school in the country.
  • We’ll guarantee your satisfaction – or your money back!*

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £40. Click here

Get your first two hours for just £40* in St Ives

One of the reasons we’re the best driving school in St Ives is our great two hours for £40 deal.

This is an introductory deal for beginners, which will help you get a good idea of what we’re all about. You’ll meet the instructor on your first lesson, get a feel for the car and you’ll feel so much more confident in an instant. Learning to drive seems daunting at first, but trust us – you’ll pick it up in no time.

With our expert driving instructors and their DVSA approved methods, you’re in the best hands learning to drive with 1st 4 Driving.

Your instructor will take the lessons at a speed that suits you, and they’ll be tailored to meet your learning style. Whether you learn best by watching first, hearing about it and then trying, or just getting stuck in – your lessons will be personalised and optimised to help you pass your driving test.

Feeling nervous about learning to drive? Read this.

🖱️💻 Book lessons now and get access to the Learner Hub!

Our revolutionary new online driving Learner Hub will accompany your in-car learning with loads of great features designed to help you pass your test faster.

online driving lessons
  • Videos covering every single part of the Learn to Drive syllabus
  • Noticeboard for news and updates from us and the DVSA
  • Loads of downloadable resources and helpful links
  • Revision for things like stopping distances and ‘show me tell me’ questions
  • Discussion forum designed for asking questions – or general chat
  • Discounted learner insurance
  • Buy more blocks of lessons straight from the Hub
  • Quizzes and courses (coming soon)

And the best part is that you get all this for free alongside access to Theory Test Pro when you book in with us!

Click here to book your driving lessons

55% of Learners Fail the Driving Test. Book Lessons Now To Find Out Why 98% Pass With Us!

If would like to read about us in more detail, then here is the information on why YOU need to choose 1st 4 Driving as your driving school for driving lessons.

You need a driving school in your area that you can trust, and one that is backed by strong foundations and correct and proper teaching, which is not often found in most other driving schools. You need to know that the driving school you choose will get you through your driving test at a pace to suit you and not waste your valuable money and time. Driving lesson price can not necessarily guarantee all this.

While it’s true that the most expensive is not necessarily the best, it’s probably true that the cheapest won’t be. Buying driving lessons in Portsmouth is a life skill and something that shouldn’t be chosen by picking the cheapest driving lessons around. Your driving instructor needs to be honest and needs get you to where you want to be in a time frame that suits you. Therefore, what you want is the independence of driving on your own as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible. That’s where we come in.

  • 1st 4 Driving was established in 2000 and incorporated in 2005, so you know we’re here to stay for you.
  • We get you on the road to independence quicker with our proven systems.
  • While not the cheapest initially, we will save you £££s in the long run by reducing the overall amount of lessons you take.
  • Our high first-time pass rate ensures you don’t waste money on extra driving tests and driving lessons in Hastings.
  • Nobody really wants driving lessons or driving tests, you want to be driving your own car independently. That’s what we can do for YOU!

Your pupil pack

Before your first lesson, you’ll receive your very own personalised pupil pack in the post. This will be at the centre of your leaning with 1st 4 Driving, with loads of great information inside to help you pass the theory and practical tests. You’ll get tips on stopping distances, the independent drive section of your practical test, and a copy of the ‘Show me, tell me‘ questions.

As well as all this helpful information, you’ll also get your very own pupil progress record card and pen (who doesn’t love a free pen?). Using this, you’ll be able to track your learning progress from the very first lesson right through to passing your driving test.

Your lessons will be centred around your progress record card, from which your instructor will be able to get a good idea of how long it might take before you pass your driving test.

We truly believe that your success is our success. Unlike other schools, who are happy for you to keep taking driving lessons in St Ives until you’re sick of paying for them, we really do want you to pass your driving test.

learner driver pupil pack

Free theory training!

All our pupils in St Ives are entitled to full, free theory training using our online theory training app.

driving theory test training

With Theory Test Pro, it’s easy to pass your theory test. In fact, you’re twice as likely to pass the theory test using the app. And the good news for you, is that you’ll get full access to it after your first lesson.

With unlimited mock tests at your disposal, you’ll be able to practice at home on your computer or on the go using the mobile app. There really will be no excuse not to pass first time!

Comprised of two sections, the theory test is the first of two tests before you can drive on the road on your own.

  • Multiple choice.
  • Hazard perception.

You’ll be able to practice each of these to your heart’s desire using our up-to-date training system when you book with us in St Ives, including the hazard perception test. In the hazard perception section, you’ll be shown video clips of driving scenarios. What you’ll need to do is identify developing hazards. It’s a little bit more tricky than it sounds, but once you’ve practiced it, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

What’re you waiting for? Book now.

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £40. Click here

Your local St Ives driving instructor

Your driving instructor in St Ives will have a very good knowledge of the local area, from the test routes to those hidden quiet spots where you can practice clutch control or parking.

🧭 Your nearest driving test centre is…

Wilson Way
Redruth (Camborne DTC)
TR15 3RP

Click here to check by postcode

Your driving instructor will ensure you’re familiar with the area around the test centre, you’ll be ready and confident by the time your test comes around.

To help you out, your instructor will book your tests with you. This will make sure that you’re both going to be available on the test day and there’s no confusion.

❌ Never book your driving test with anywhere other than the gov.uk website.

✔ Your instructor will book your test with you and familiarise you with the test routes.

Our driving instructors are experts in helping people pass their driving test in St Ives. With so much knowledge and experience, we’re the best choice for your driving lessons.

The best driving lessons in St Ives

But don’t just take our word for it.

Our pupils love us, and love leaving us great reviews.

Excellent teachers would highly recommend them Louise was my instructor and she was fantastic.

I don’t believe I would have got through my driving test without her, definitely definitely use these driving instructors!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Karen, St Ives

We’re proud of all our test passes, and we believe our great reviews are a testament to our fun, productive driving lessons. Check out more of our reviews here or over on Facebook or Google.

Here at 1st 4 Driving, we help so many people pass their driving test every year. Have a look at our 2019 Wall of Passes. Could you be next?

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The best qualified driving school in the country

With two decades of experience under our belt, we’re experts in helping people pass. But we’ve got the paperwork to back it up, too.

Founded and managed by Dave Foster, MA, Dip.DI, 1st 4 Driving are long established and well-renowned in the industry. With his experience as a driving instructor and industry expert, as well as his research into Driver Training Education for his Master’s Degree (as well as a whole host of other driving/education related qualifications), Dave is the best qualified school owner in the country.

Dave’s research and experience cascades through training and into your driving lessons, to make them structured, fun and productive. Our teaching methods are based around DVSA approved coaching techniques, which have been perfected over time to help you pass your driving test. Whatever your learning style or situation, we’ve got you covered.

  • Especially nervous? We’re experts in helping nervous/anxious pupils.
  • English not your first language? We can help there, too.
  • Got an instructor preference? We have male and female instructors available in St Ives.

It’s easy to learn to drive in St Ives with 1st 4 Driving, and it’s even easier to book lessons. Just click here.

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £40. Click here

Learning to drive in St Ives

With such beautiful scenery and great roads, is there anywhere better to learn to drive than in St Ives?

St Ives is famous for a lot of things. Its coastline, the Tate art museum and its vibrant fishing community make St Ives one of Cornwall’s best places to live, as well as an attractive tourist destination.

But another thing St Ives is famous for is its great value driving lessons with 1st 4 Driving!

With access to some very tight and tricky roads, roundabouts and junctions, learning to drive in St Ives will give you all the experience and tools that you need to be ready for anything the roads can throw at you during your test and for a safe life of driving afterwards.

Your instructor won’t only prepare you for the 40 minutes of your test, but you’ll also gain some really valuable skills for life as a road user – both as a driver and pedestrian.

learn to drive in st ives

Our guarantee

image for guaranteed driving lessonsWe’re so confident you’ll love your driving lessons that we’re willing to bet on it.

If you don’t enjoy your first lesson, give us a call straight away and we will look to re-allocate you to another of our great instructors in St Ives. Where this isn’t possible (due to area or availability), we will refund you** providing no learning took place.

We know there are so many driving schools out there to choose from, each one claiming to be the best and having the best deals. So we’re making this easy for you. With our beginner deal for just 2 hours for £40 as well as our guarantee, we’re taking the risk away from you.

Helping people pass their driving test is the aim of the game for us, and we’re really looking forward to helping you, too.

Read more about our guarantee here.

Book now

With our first 2 hours for just £40 deal, free theory training and your very own pupil information pack, there’s literally never been a better time to start learning to drive in St Ives with 1st 4 Driving.

And to make things even easier, there are loads of ways to book. 👇👇

You can book your driving lessons in St Ives by:

Calling the office on: 0330 22 33 123

Book online by clicking here

Email us at info@1st4driving.co.uk

Chat with us by clicking on that annoying little pop up at the bottom of the screen where a real person will book your driving lessons for you or answer any questions.

Alternatively, you can fill out this form:

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