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1st 4 Driving is Your Best Choice for Driving Lessons in Portsmouth.

We offer results based driving lessons in Portsmouth you’ll love, GUARANTEED. This page will explain how our driving school in Portsmouth works.

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10 Reasons Why We’re The Best Driving School in Town:

  1. Guaranteed quality driving lessons.
    • No other schools are so confident that they will guarantee your lessons like us.Driving school portsmouth
  2. Success based structured training system.
    • Proven systems that use proper current teaching methods backed by the DVSA.
  3. All instructors use coaching methods.
    • The new standards check by the DVSA ensures driving instructors use coaching methods to allow pupil-centred driving lessons in Portsmouth.
    • That’s right, free and complete theory training when you buy driving lessons in Portsmouth. Not part-access like some schools, where you have to pay to access the full system.
  5. Loads of great reviews about our instructors.
  6. Reliable, patient and friendly driving instructors.
    • Our driving instructors in Portsmouth will turn up on time, will not ever ‘shout’ and will also make YOUR driving lessons fun.
  7. Access to our online diary app where you can view your bookings, and also keep track of payments.
    • You will be reminded about your lesson prior to it and you will also have access to some exclusive hints and tips on driving.
  8. Local driving school with local driving instructors in Portsmouth.
    • We are a limited company, not a self-employed one-man-band who might not be here tomorrow. We’re also not a big multi-national who doesn’t care about YOU!
  9. All driving instructors in Portsmouth have been Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (formerly CRB) checked for your assurance.
  10. Run by Driving School Dave
    • The highest qualified driving school owner in the country (probably)!

🖱️💻 Book lessons now and get access to the Learner Hub!

Our revolutionary new online driving Learner Hub will accompany your in-car learning with loads of great features designed to help you pass your test faster.

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  • Videos covering every single part of the Learn to Drive syllabus
  • Noticeboard for news and updates from us and the DVSA
  • Loads of downloadable resources and helpful links
  • Revision for things like stopping distances and ‘show me tell me’ questions
  • Discussion forum designed for asking questions – or general chat
  • Discounted learner insurance
  • Buy more blocks of lessons straight from the Hub
  • Quizzes and courses (coming soon)

And the best part is that you get all this for free alongside access to Theory Test Pro when you book in with us!

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55% of Learners Fail the Driving Test. Book Lessons Now To Find Out Why 98% Pass With Us!

If would like to read about us in more detail, then here is the information on why YOU need to choose 1st 4 Driving as your driving school for driving lessons.

You need a driving school in your area that you can trust, and one that is backed by strong foundations and correct and proper teaching, which is not often found in most other driving schools. You need to know that the driving school you choose will get you through your driving test at a pace to suit you and not waste your valuable money and time. Driving lesson price can not necessarily guarantee all this.

While it’s true that the most expensive is not necessarily the best, it’s probably true that the cheapest won’t be. Buying driving lessons in Portsmouth is a life skill and something that shouldn’t be chosen by picking the cheapest driving lessons around. Your driving instructor needs to be honest and needs get you to where you want to be in a time frame that suits you. Therefore, what you want is the independence of driving on your own as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible. That’s where we come in.

  • 1st 4 Driving was established in 2000 and incorporated in 2005, so you know we’re here to stay for you.
  • We get you on the road to independence quicker with our proven systems.
  • While not the cheapest initially, we will save you £££s in the long run by reducing the overall amount of lessons you take.
  • Our high first-time pass rate ensures you don’t waste money on extra driving tests and driving lessons in Hastings.
  • Nobody really wants driving lessons or driving tests, you want to be driving your own car independently. That’s what we can do for YOU!

Types of Driving Lessons in Portsmouth

More choices from your Portsmouth driving school.

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While we are specialists in getting you on the road to your independence as a learner driver, we offer many other types of driving lessons in Portsmouth. Anthony is our instructor trainer in Portsmouth and has currently never had anybody fail to become a driving instructor in Portsmouth who he has trained.

Additionally, we have male and female instructors in Portsmouth and can accommodate nervous drivers. We can also offer automatic driving lessons if you pop over to Southampton for lessons with Tony, our automatic driving lessons specialist.

As well as this, we offer refresher driving lessons in Portsmouth. These lessons are ideal for people returning to driving or maybe need a little confidence boost. Furthermore, we can offer intensive courses for people who want to get on the road quicker. Holders of foreign or international driver’s licences are welcome too, and we can also help you familiarise on the UK roads or help you obtain a full UK driver’s licence.

  • We are your specialist driving school in Portsmouth to get you your independence quickly.
  • Refresher driving lessons in Portsmouth are also available.
  • We accommodate nervous drivers.
  • Intensive courses in Portsmouth for those who want to learn quicker.
  • Fleet corporate driver training and advice.
  • Foreign licence holders.
  • UK familiarisation driving courses in Portsmouth.
  • Advice from the country’s highest qualified driving school owner.


Could not have asked for a better instructor than Mark. He was patient when I needed him to be, and always made me laugh during our lessons as well. Definitely going to miss him and our weekly lessons!!


Mark was an amazing instructor. Very kind and helpful. Great tips and tricks. Helped me pass first time 👍


More reviews here

Driving Lesson Prices and Offers

We often do offers on our driving lessons in Portsmouth. We keep our prices competitive to be fair to both pupils and driving instructors.
It is recommend to take 2 hour driving lessons, as this will help you save money in the long run and help you to pass your driving test quicker. They also prepare you better for your driving test, as on the day you will be driving for 2 hours (an hour before and then the driving test). Consequently, a very good article was written on this subject by Driving School Dave. Follow this link to read it. How many driving lessons will you need?

We also offer some all-inclusive packages. These packages can save a lot of money and make fantastic gifts. Furthermore, we can send presentation vouchers for these, and if they are a surprise, you can tell us at the time of booking and we will be very discreet.
More information on offers etc. can be found by visiting our prices page.

In summary, we offer:

  • Discounts for block bookings.
  • All-inclusive deals available.
  • Prices can include driving tests.
  • FREE theory training with ALL driving lessons.

Portsmouth Driving Lessons – Local Information

🧭 Your nearest driving test centre is…

Opposite Fort Southwick
James Callaghan Drive
PO17 6AR

Click here to check by postcode

Portsmouth driving test routes can have a wide variety of different road types, where slower roads and faster roads lie side by side. As a result of being a large city, you will need to be able to negotiate narrow streets in the city centre, dual carriageways like the A27, and motorways like the M25. Portsmouth has some very complex roundabouts, all within easy reach of the Driving Test Centres. Your professional driving instructor in Portsmouth will know all the places you can be tested, this will also be covered on your driving lessons in Portsmouth.

A driving test in Portsmouth is designed to test your independence in a variety of road situations and whether you have reached your goal of independence on the road. However, there are no shortcuts to this. Many try but end up taking multiple driving tests, costing time, money and extra driving lessons. Driving examiners are very fair in Portsmouth and have set marking criteria. It is not objective, therefore the examiner’s opinion is not relevant. You will be allowed up to 15 of these on your test. However, a serious driver fault can be awarded if, for example there was another vehicle or person present. If the examiner or anyone else has to take some form of action, then this might be classed as a dangerous fault.
On Your Driving Test;

  • You are allowed up to 15 driver faults.
  • No serious or dangerous driver faults.


driving school portsmouth

Q – ‘What will happen on the day of my driving test?’
A – We will help you through your test in a number of ways:

  • We will book the driving test for you.
  • We will ensure that the car and driving instructor are ready for your driving test.
  • Your driving instructor will give you the option of coming with you on your driving test.
  • You will get a driving test to suit your time frame and commitments.
  • The examiner is also a very nice person, honest!

Q – ‘What car will I use in my driving test?’
A – You will use the car you use for your driving lessons.

Q – ‘So what car will I use for my driving lessons in Portsmouth?’
A – All our cars are chosen for their popularity and ease of driving for your driving lessons. They will be clean and modern. Each of our driving instructors have their own preference, so if you have a car you are particularly interested in, ask at the time of booking your driving lessons in Portsmouth. Typical driving school cars are the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Citroen C3 and the BMW Mini. Cars will also have air con for those hot days and heating for those cold days. They are up to date and equipped with all the latest safety equipment. All our driving school cars are fitted with dual controls in the unlikely event that they’re needed, so you know you’ll be safe with your driving instructor in Portsmouth.

So, How Can I Book Driving Lessons in Portsmouth?

We believe in making life simple and easy for you. We know everybody has their own preference, so we have many channels for you to book your driving lessons in Portsmouth.

  • Call us on 0330 22 33 123.
    • One of our experienced members of staff will answer and help you with your booking. They can help with any questions you might have, too. If you don’t get an answer, leave a message on how best to contact you and we’ll do that as soon as possible.
  • Online chat.
    • An extremely popular way to book driving lessons is to use the little chat widget in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Facebook Messenger.
    • Click here to start a Facebook conversation with us, where we can book you a driving lesson in Portsmouth.
  • Lastly, you can Book Online.
    • Fill in the form below:

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