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The best driving lessons in Taunton

  • Free theory training included for all pupils
  • Professional, reliable driving instructors in Taunton
  • The best tuition from the best driving school in town
  • Free progress record card delivered to your door
  • Unlock loads of great free online content when you book with us
  • Great first time pass rate
  • We love beginners, call us now!

We’ve helped so many people pass their driving test – have a look at our 2022 Wall of Passes to see just how great we are!

The 1st 4 Driving Online Learning System

driving lesson dealOur unique, innovative Online Learning System will give you a head-start over your friends when learning to drive. When you book driving lessons with us, you’ll get access to a bank of video lessons that will help you develop your driving skills from the comfort of your own home.

This means that you’ll:

  • Pass your driving test quicker
  • Understand everything you’re taught better
  • Learn to drive more easily
  • And end up saving money, too!

Pupils who use the Online Learning System spend less time and money in driving lessons going over the theoretical side of driving. This can be accessed by PC at home or by mobile on the go.

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And the best part? It’s completely FREE for all 1st 4 Driving pupils!

All you have to do to get access is book your driving lessons with us. Click here to read more or click the button below to book now.

Free theory training for all pupils

When you book your driving lessons in Taunton with us, you’ll get access to a comprehensive database of DVSA approved multiple-choice questions and hazard perception clips to practice to your heart’s content.

We give all our pupils full, free access to theory test training to help get them through their driving test that little bit quicker. The theory test can be a big hurdle for some people, but with Theory Test Suite we make it easy.

You’ll be able to download the Total Drive app with your unique login for free unfiltered access to the online Theory Test Suite system. That means you’ll be able to practice at home or on the go alongside your practical driving lessons in Taunton. You’ll be through your theory test in no time at all.

Struggling with the hazard perception test? You’ll be able to identify developing hazards to your heart’s content using our online app. You’re actually twice as likely to pass your theory test when you use

Your driving instructor will recommend that you get the theory test out the way fairly early on. We can even book the theory test for you over the phone! Your nearest test centre for the theory is on Victoria Street in Taunton.

We’ve got great reviews

Our pupils love us so much that they leave us 5 star reviews. You could be next when you book your driving lessons in Taunton with 1st 4 Driving! See what people are saying about us below.

Had a great experience of driving with my instructor. Passed first time!

Very nice, friendly, helpful and hard working, clear and positive response to my enquires.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sam

Sam isn’t the only one who we’ve helped. So many people have left us great reviews we’ve put them all on one page so you can see them. Click here to see.

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So many driving test passes!

Here at 1st 4 Driving, we’ve got a long and illustrious history of helping people pass their test.

With over 20 years experience helping literally every different type of learner, there’s no better choice for your driving lessons in Taunton than us.

  • Nervous? Our driving instructors are experts with helping nervous or anxious pupils.
  • Learning difficulty? We use unique coaching methods approved by the DVSA to teach all kinds of learners.

We help so many people pass their driving test every year – we’re literally the experts. And now you can see everybody who has passed their driving test with us! Click here to view our Wall of Passes for 2020!

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Book driving lessons in Taunton with us and we’ll support you all the way

As well as getting you through your theory test, we’ll also support you with the whole process of gaining your independence on the road.

When you book your driving lessons in Taunton with us, you’ll be in the safest hands to get you through your driving test. We’ll send you your very own welcome back, including mock test forms and your progress report card. Using this, you and your instructor will be able to track your progress from the very first steps as a learner driver, right up to when you’re ready to take your driving test.

Your instructor will ensure that you’ve covered everything in the DVSA syllabus to put you in the best shape to not only pass your test, but to have a safe life of driving beyond your driving lessons in Taunton.

You’ll also get access to a comprehensive bank of free online downloads to support your driving lessons. Speak to your instructor about accessing this.

Get all this when you book your driving lessons today.

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Learning to drive in Taunton

Taunton can be a great playground for the learner driver. With a diverse road network to practice on, your driving instructor will ensure that everything has been covered and you’re fully confident to tackle any situation that could develop on the road.

We’re experts at helping people pass their driving test across the South of the UK, and that’s no different here. We hear some horror stories from pupils from other driving schools about how their instructor has let them down.

We’re just not like other driving schools.

Your driving instructor in Taunton will be patient and friendly – never late, and will most definitely never ‘shout’ at you.

We love helping new learners and nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping people pass their driving test. We believe that truly makes us the best driving school in Taunton. We’ll take you through everything from mastering junctions, roundabouts and even driving on those main roads. It might seem terrifying at first, but there’s nobody better to help you pass your driving test in Taunton than us!

🧭 Your nearest driving test centre is…

Unit L2, Acres Hill Business Park
Off Venture Way

Click here to check by postcode

With access to the busy M5 motorway towards Bristol and the A38 into Devon and Cornwall, Taunton is really well connected with the rest of the South West – which is great. It also means that you’ll need to be confident driving on the bigger roads. Your driving instructor will ensure that you have the confidence and capability to drive safely wherever you’re going – whether it’s a big shopping trip to Bristol, or a summer road trip out to the coast.


We may be able to pick up straight from these locations – just call us and we’ll let you know!

driving school in taunton

We’re the best qualified driving school in Taunton

With over 20 years experience helping learners pass their test, we’re definitely one of the best experienced driving schools in Taunton.

But we’re also the best qualified. Founded and headed up by Dave Foster MA, Dip. DI (or Driving School Dave to you and me), we regard ourselves as the experts in driving instruction.

Dave’s experience in the field, coupled with his years of research and teaching, puts us in the perfect position to help people learn to drive. Dave’s research from his Master’s Degree (the only one of its kind in the country) and various qualifications since trickles down through our instructors through their training and onto our great driving lessons. All our driving instructors in Taunton are trained to a great standard and we have productive and enjoyable lesson plans to make learning to drive fun and easy.

Book your driving lessons now!

With free theory training, professional, friendly instructors and fun lesson plans, 1st 4 Driving really are the best driving school in Taunton.

You can book your driving lessons in Taunton by:

Calling the office on: 0330 22 33 123

Book online by clicking here

Email us at info@1st4driving.co.uk

Chat with us by clicking on that annoying little pop up at the bottom of the screen where a real person will book your driving lessons for you or answer any questions.

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