Driving lessons in Pontypridd

Looking for driving lessons in Pontypridd? Then look no further than 1st 4 Driving, your first and only stop for driving lessons in South Wales!

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12 reasons to book your driving lessons in Pontypridd with us

  1. Friendly, reliable instructors.
  2. Our great first-time pass rate means you’re in safe hands. Check out our 2019 Wall of Passes.
  3. Free, full theory training when you book your driving lessons in Pontypridd with us.
  4. Free pupil pack for all pupils.
  5. Pupils love us – check out our great reviews.
  6. Our revolutionary 2 hour lessons mean you’ll learn quicker.
  7. Email and text reminders before your lessons.
  8. Local instructors with local knowledge.
  9. Modern coaching methods approved by the DVSA.
  10. 20 years of experience teaching every kind of learner.
  11. We’re the best qualified driving school in the country.
  12. We’ll guarantee your satisfaction – or your money back!*

The 1st 4 Driving Online Learning System

driving lesson dealOur unique, innovative Online Learning System will give you a head-start over your friends when learning to drive. When you book driving lessons with us, you’ll get access to a bank of video lessons that will help you develop your driving skills from the comfort of your own home.

This means that you’ll:

  • Pass your driving test quicker
  • Understand everything you’re taught better
  • Learn to drive more easily
  • And end up saving money, too!

Pupils who use the Online Learning System spend less time and money in driving lessons going over the theoretical side of driving. This can be accessed by PC at home or by mobile on the go.

online driving lessons

And the best part? It’s completely FREE for all 1st 4 Driving pupils!

All you have to do to get access is book your driving lessons with us. Click here to read more or click the button below to book now.

Everybody learns at their own speed, some people find it easier to take baby steps at first, while some find it better to jump in at the deep end. Whatever your speed or learning style, your driving instructor in Pontypridd will take you to a quiet area on the first lesson to help you get accustomed to the very basics of the car.

Worried/nervous about your first lesson? There’s really nothing to worry about!

1. Our local instructors are friendly and reliable

When you book driving lessons with us, you’ll be in safe hands learning to drive. To make your driving lessons in Pontypridd the best, your instructor will:

  • ✔️ Always be on reliable and on time
  • ✔️ Always be friendly
  • ✔️ Always be patient – you’ll learn to drive at your own speed
  • ❌ NEVER shout at you
  • ❌ NEVER be rude to you
  • ❌ NEVER be late

Here at 1st 4 Driving, we really believe that your success is our success. We’re proud of each pupil that passes their driving test with us in Pontypridd and we make it our duty to be there to help in any way possible. Come from another driving school? We get so many phone calls every day from people who have been learning with another school. In most cases the instructor has been unreliable, rude or the pupil hasn’t felt like they’ve been making progress. There’s literally nobody we can’t help, and our instructors are always just a call or text message away if you ever need any help at all.

We’re your best local driving school – not one of these big national companies with hundreds of driving instructors. Learning to drive with 1st 4 Driving in South Wales is a personalised, tailored experience, geared towards helping you pass your driving test.

2. Passes galore!

We’re not afraid to admit that we’re experts in helping people pass their driving test. We’ve been doing this for 20 years, helping every kind of learner imaginable.

Every year we help so many people pass and achieve the driving independence they’ve always wanted. Need to learn to drive to get yourself to or from college or university? Perhaps you’ve got a job that you need to get to every day.

Sick to death of catching busses?

There’s no better way to get your independence on the road than by booking your driving lessons in Pontypridd with 1st 4 Driving. Check out our 2019 Wall of Passes to see just how many people we’ve helped learn to drive. Could YOU be next?

driving school test pass

3. FULL, FREE theory training when you book with us

All 1st 4 Driving pupils get full, free theory training when they book with us! It really is that simple.

That’s right, not only are we experts in helping people pass their practical test, but we’re also there for you with your theory test! When you book your driving lessons in Pontypridd with us, you’ll receive access to Theory Test Suite, an online application proven to DOUBLE your chances of passing.

Theory Test Suite can be accessed via the Total Drive app on your computer, or using the mobile app, meaning there’s literally no excuse not to practice. You can study in the comfort of your own home, or brush up on those road signs while you’re out and about using your phone.

You’ll get full access (unlike other schools) to the entire database of questions. This includes both parts of the theory test, the multiple choice side and the hazard perception test.

  • Practice to your heart’s content with unlimited mock tests on the multiple choice section, where you’ll be tested on everything from road signs to stopping distances.
  • You’ll also be able to practice the tricky hazard perception test. Here, you’ll watch videos of driving scenarios and you’ll need to identify developing hazards. (It’s not too tricky once you’ve gotten the hang of it).

We’ll look to book your theory test ASAP to get it out the way. There are a couple of different options open to you for the theory test around Pontypridd. Your local theory test centre is up the A470 in Merthyr Tydfill, or if you prefer, you can take it at the Cardiff Theory Test Centre on Churchill Way.

Find out more about our great free theory training here.

4. Your pupil pack

As well as free theory training, all pupils who book their driving lessons in Pontypridd with us are sent a physical pupil pack when they book driving lessons in Pontypridd with 1st 4 Driving.

The pack includes:

  • Theory test information like stopping distances.
  • Practical test information like independent drive.
  • Extra helpful stuff written by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI.
  • Your pupil progress record card.

Your own personal progress report card will allow you to track your progress towards passing your driving test. From manoeuvres, the use of mirrors and positioning, to refuelling, driving in different weather conditions and legal responsibilities of a road user, the record card will make sure that you have covered the entire DVSA syllabus. You and your instructor will use this on each lesson to help you track your continual progress – and you should start getting a good idea about when you can expect to pass your driving test.

When you book your driving lessons in Pontypridd with 1st 4 Driving, we’re there for you every step of the way.

learner driver pupil pack

 5. Our pupils in Pontypridd love us – but don’t just take our word for it!

We not only pride ourselves on our amazing pass rate, but also our great reviews from pupils. With so much choice out there, it’s an absolute minefield trying to find a good, reliable driving instructor. But our pupils were savvy and booked with 1st 4 Driving and never looked back.

Just passed using this company, I did the all inclusive 30 hour deal, couldn’t say a bad thing about the instructor. He is patient and understanding & really helps with anything you’re struggling with! Would recommend to anyone! Great prices & great teaching!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Adam

We’ve got great reviews over Facebook, Google and on our reviews page. Check them out now and give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you’re booking with a reliable driving school in Pontypridd.

Beginner deal – first 2 hours for £40. Click here

6. Revolutionary two-hour driving lessons

With our game-changing two hour driving lessons, you’ll find that driving lessons are productive, insightful and fun.

  • Two hour lessons mean less time ‘picking up’ and ‘dropping off’ – more learning for your money.
  • You’ll pass quicker and in fewer hours using this method.

Nobody wants driving lessons. We all just want to learn to drive and get on the road. For those summer road trips to the beach, or the winter shopping trips with your friends. It’s great to have the independence to get yourself about. That’s why we’re committed to helping you pass your driving test. It really never has been simpler to learn to drive than booking driving lessons in Pontypridd with us. Just click the button below to book.

7. Email and text reminders

Never forget a driving lesson again with our automatic email and text reminders.

We know that sometimes, life gets in the way. With school, university or work, it can be easy to completely forget what day of the week it is. But when you book driving lessons in Pontypridd with us, you’ll get an email confirming the date, time and pickup point for your lesson.

That means that you’ll be more organised than ever with 1st 4 Driving.

We also send out automatic text reminders 48 hours before your lesson. That means if you ever need to cancel or reschedule, you’ll be able to let your instructor know promptly. Just another way that we’re here to help here at 1st 4 Driving!

8 + 10. Local instructors with great teaching methods

Our driving instructors in Pontypridd are local to the area and are well familiar with test routes and local info. They will be able to help you with any questions you have about the area, as well as unique hints and tips to help you pass. On your lessons and using your progress report card, your instructor will make sure that you’re fully equipped with all the skills to pass your driving test and succeed with a lifetime of safe driving. From roundabouts to junctions, parking manoeuvres to dual carriageways, you’ll be confident with the lot.

🧭 You’ll take your driving test at…

School Road
CF72 8YR

Click here to check by postcode

Pontypridd is a great place to learn to drive, as it is well connected by the A470 to Cardiff, and also has lots of smaller roads within the town. It truly is a fantastic practice ground for new learners.

Our instructors in the area are well trained with coaching methods approved by the DVSA. We’ll never ‘shout’, learning to drive should be a fun experience. After all, these are your driving lessons.

driving lessons in pontypridd

9. 20 years of helping people pass

We’ve got two decades of experience behind us, teaching every kind of learner imaginable.

  • Learning styles
    • Everyone has a different learning style, and we can adapt to help all kinds of learners out.
  • Nervous pupils
  • English not your first language?
    • We’ve got a long track record of helping people from all backgrounds. Struggle with English? Call us now and see how we can help you.

10. We’re the best qualified!

There’s nobody better qualified than us to help you learn to drive. Founded by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, 1st 4 Driving are the best qualified driving school in the UK. With Dave’s Master’s Degree in Driver Training Education, his experience and research in the field has been tricked down through our trainers and into our great driving lessons.

Dave set about to change the industry when he completed his Master’s Degree in 2011. Frustrated by bad driving instructor training, he vowed to help raise the standard – and that’s our aim here at 1st 4 Driving.

When you book your driving lessons in Pontypridd with us, you’ll be getting the very best training using our great methods from superb instructors.

11. Guaranteed satisfaction

image for guaranteed driving lessonsIf all that wasn’t enough, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re not enjoying your driving lessons, we’ll look to re-allocate you to another instructor. Where this isn’t possible, and if no learning took place on the lesson, we’ll refund your first 2 hour lesson to you*.

As driving instructors, we’ve got a duty of care to you – learning to drive and putting your trust in an instructor is a huge thing.

So we’re taking the risk away.

Book now with 1st 4 Driving – the best driving school in Pontypridd – for a risk-free, fun environment to learn to drive in. It’ll change your life forever.

Find out more about our guarantee here.

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