February 2022 test passes

With 14 test passes last month, our instructors have been very busy indeed!

february 2022 driving test passes

Huge congratulations to everybody who passed with us this month, you’re all superstars. You’ve worked so hard to pass your tests and you can now enjoy the freedom it brings.

So let’s all say a big well done to these 14 people:

  • Kirsten, passing with instructor Mark in Launceston
  • Isobel, who passed with Nirmal in an automatic car in Reading
  • Alexandra, also passing in Reading, this time with Nim
  • Isadora, passing her driving test with Vito in Plymouth
  • Kirsten, who passed her test with Jo in Bodmin
  • India, who passed with Damon in Exeter
  • Josh, passing with Natalie in Helston
  • Morgan, who passed her test with Jo in Bodmin
  • Jo, passing his test in Helston with Natalie
  • Lauren, who passed in Plymouth with Vito
  • Raweewan, whose instructor was Nirmal in Reading
  • Stephanie, who was also learning in Reading with Nirmal
  • Gauri, passing with Nim in Reading
  • Ryan, our final test pass of the month, passing in Bodmin with Jo

Congratulations to all of you!

You can see everybody who’s passed their driving test in 2022 by clicking here to view our Wall of Passes!

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