Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving courses can be said to be one of the most convenient ways to learn to drive. Here at 1st 4 Driving we can offer you a superb range of the very best intensive driving courses. All our packages can be arranged to suit your needs. With the help of our specialist instructors you will be quickly on your way to becoming a confident and safe driver.

What is an Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive driving courses consist of the same material as regular courses but taught in a much shorter space of time such as a week or spread out over a month. They consist of longer lessons than the hour or two. Intensive driving courses cover all the necessary material needed to learn in order to pass the standard UK Driving Test. Our intensive courses involve one of our specialist instructors catering the necessary material to your learning and time scale needs.


Is an Intensive Driving Course suitable for me?

A wide range of people prefer to choose an intensive driving course when learning to drive. Many choose to take advantage of the ability to take their lessons in a period of time that suits them. This may be because they want to learn quickly to take on a new job, or even just to have the ability to drive. Many students and professionals will take an intensive driving course before moving away to university as it gives them the ability commute to with greater ease.

If you are looking to learn to drive in a fast paced manor, then our intensive driving courses will be suitable for you. The average learner takes 47 hours to learn to drive yet takes their lessons on a one to two hour a week basis that takes over 25 weeks to complete, many students who choose this path often find it takes longer to pick up the skill of driving due to the large gap in between lessons. With our support from 1st 4 Driving its not a problem if you have taken lessons before, or if this is your first step into driving, our instructors will be able to use their specialist skills to plan a personalised learning plan to help you get through your Driving Test.

What should I do before an Intensive Driving Course?

It is recommended that you take the theory test before starting an intensive course. Our instructors will speak to you about this upon your first call.

Intensive courses are best used when you have the right support to get you to your desired goal. Our specialist instructors at 1st 4 Driving enjoy to get their pupils through their driving tests, and that is why we make sure we cater our intensive driving courses exactly to your needs. Before embarking on an intensive driving course it is advisable to take an assessment lesson with one of our specialist instructors, where they will create your own intensive plan that will cover the areas that you need to learn and strengthen your driving abilities.


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