Introducing… the Learner Hub

Earlier in the year we were delighted to be able to launch our brand new Learner Hub, a digital platform for our pupils to enhance their learning with downloads, videos and articles.

Existing pupils – click here to login

As well as our free theory training app and welcome pack, all our pupils get access to this new and exciting site.

As a 1st 4 Driving pupil, you’ll be able to:

  • Buy more blocks of lessons
  • Engage in discussion on our forum
  • View the notice board for news and updates
  • Access exclusive printable downloads and helpful links
  • Watch a growing bank of videos
  • Complete online courses, quizzes and lessons (coming later in 2022)
  • Get help with licence checking
  • Do revision on stopping distances and the show me tell me questions, with more planned revision including guides on checking tyres tread & pressure, checking oil (coming later in 2022)
Above: The Learner Hub will help you pass faster with more knowledge

This new system was developed with our pupils in mind.

Buying more driving lessons

While we love helping our pupils over the phone, we also know that not everybody is able to get touch during normal working hours.

With the Learner Hub, pupils (or friends or family) are now able to buy more lessons 24/7 via the shop. Our secure card payment terminal has been integrated into the website for easy checkout & email receipts.

Tonnes of resources

You’ll get access to loads of printable downloads including a mock test form, the progress record card and other theory test resources.

There’s also a bank of helpful links to external resources from the DVSA and elsewhere.

Discussion forum

We’re excited about getting all our hundreds of pupils chatting to each other and discussing their lessons.

The discussion forum will be a great place for discussion about the theory test, practical test and other miscellaneous driving topics.

Revision guides

We’ve written up revision guides for stopping distances and show me tell me questions.

Coming soon

  • Video lessons for every topic
  • Online courses and quizzes
  • More revision guides

Existing pupils can log in to the Learner Hub by clicking here

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