January 2022 test passes

The new year has brought an absolutely bumper month for driving test passes, with an amazing 15 pupils passing their test through us!

practical driving test passes january 2022

Well done to everybody below, you’ve all worked so hard to get through the test and you can now enjoy the independence you deserve.

These 15 people passing their driving test has opened up some availability in selected areas, so enquire now to avoid disappointment.

Well done to:

  • Kerri, passing with instructor Mike in Southampton
  • Kathryn, who also passed in Southampton with Mike
  • Helen, also passing with Mike in Southampton
  • Poppy, another of Mike’s pupils who passed in Southampton
  • Liam, also taking his test with Mike in Southampton
  • Andy, who passed with instructor Anthony, also in Southampton
  • Zarah, who passed with Louise in Camborne
  • Ruby, who passed with Damon in Exeter
  • Billy, passing with Mike in Southampton
  • Mia, who passed her driving test with Natalie in Camborne
  • Natasha, also passing in Camborne with Natalie
  • Charlie, whose instructor was Nirmal in Reading with one of our automatic cars
  • Izzy, who had been learning with Jo and passed her test in Camborne
  • Claudiu, who passed with our other Jo, in Bodmin
  • Max, passing at the end of the month with Louise in Camborne

Well done all!

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