Mission Statement

My name is Dave Foster and I am managing director of 1st 4 Driving Limited.

I am widely regarded as one of the most qualified trainers in the country, having been one of a small handful to achieve a masters degree in Driver Training Education and too many qualifications to mention here. What this means to YOU, in a sea of driving schools that make it difficult to choose from, is a name and a school you can trust. I completed all my qualifications to ensure I and now my driving instructors give YOU the very best tuition.

I know you are probably worried about choosing the right driving school. Every day I am still shocked at some of the bad stories I hear from Driving Instructors and pupils. Don’t let this happen to you. Choose 1st 4 Driving for your driving lessons and you won’t be disappointed.

Together with my team we offer successful driving solutions to develop you and your driving. We do this honestly and with integrity, recognising your unique individuality and knowing that for every learner to succeed support is needed.

We run a truly holistic approach to your driving tuition looking at the knowledge, skill, attitude and even emotional barriers that may be blocking your success. We believe in giving you the skills you need to expand your driving and we keep up to date with every latest development for you.

We believe the success equation must combine knowledge, passion, and above all enjoyment. All we want is for your driving to grow, for you to keep a relaxed and open mind during tuition and carry on our motto of ‘Successful Driving Lessons’.

Have fun

Dave Foster
Successful Driving Lessons

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