Out of a bad year comes some good

Despite last year and all it had to throw at us, there were a few wins. One of which was delivered to me yesterday. Many of you know my drive for CPD and 1st 4 Driving ethos is in you guys being able to do what you do best and teach, while we in the office do the admin and business side. This I demand of the office staff and myself too, an ethos of continual improvement.

Michael working today on our 2021 plan

So, our win yesterday was

when Michael our then Marketing media assistant, now Marketing Manager received the results of his Level 3 Digital Marketer qualification he has been working on for 2 years. Not only did Michael pass but he achieved the first distinction pass Plymouth College has ever seen in this subject.

A truly remarkable result by any standards but during a pandemic even more exceptional. At one point because of lock down Michael had to discard a whole project of many 1000’s of words as not longer applicable. While Michael completed this he also ran alongside a Facebook marketing course separately and that has paid off dividends in results and new acquisition of pupils and new trainees.

Michael came to me 2 years ago, already well qualified with a degree in Graphic Design and a background of sales and marketing. Last year

this showed in the huge increase in results from our web stats.

Considering there was a pandemic these results are amazing. Considering they were down and hampered by the pandemic its very encouraging for future years.
I am considerably proud of Michaels efforts and I’m hoping you can all congratulate Michael.

Now strangely, for a digital marketer, Michael is not on social media in his personal life however he runs and monitors the Jess Smith company profile, so he is always watching.

Congratulations Michael, what’s next?

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