Pass the Driving Test Easier

Pass the driving test easierThis is the first article in a short series designed to help learner drivers pass the driving test easier and remove some of the mysteries surrounding learning to drive. As a trainer of driving instructors I have so often heard how complicated driving instructors can make things. Correct education of any subject needs to follow simple methods normally starting with an ‘empirical fact’ this is a proven known fact from maybe an official publication. The official publications are ‘The Highway Code’ and ‘Driving The Essential Skills’ to name just two. Using these alongside driving lessons can help learners pass the driving test easily.

Use the following articles in conjunction with your professional driving lessons and if your driving instructor tells you something different than the facts in the Highway Code then think cautiously. You can contact me through my website Driving School Dave to ask advice or through any of the links that come from these articles.

What do I need to learn to pass the driving test easier?

So, is it easy to pass the driving test easier? Well yes if you put the practice in. Blooms Taxonomies tells us there are three main things that we need to learn in order to achieve any subject. They are knowledge, skill and attitude, so in any subject those are the essential things to learn. If you have been given confusing or incorrect knowledge, then the attitude might not be correct or confusing. In my role delivering speed awareness course I come across many people who carry with them so many wrong beliefs such as ‘you’re allowed to do 10mph over the speed limit’ or ‘cars stop quicker now’ and much of this has come from their driving instructors. If you take this into your own driving then you might fall foul of the law and you won’t understand why. Likewise if your skill is not well practised and maybe you’re a little worried about a skill then of you take this to your driving test you’re going to be nervous and worse still not confident if you pass your driving test. So correct knowledge and well-practised skill will help you pass the driving test easier.

How many lessons to pass the test easier?

This is always difficult but I maintain many driving instructors end up giving too many driving lessons to learners. Yet I maintain the more practice you have the better you will be. But that practice needs to be focused on YOUR needs and not those of the driving instructor. I often find even recently passed pupils who can’t tell me the correct distance to follow other vehicles yet can tell me where their instructor goes on holiday or what football team they support etc….Now there is nothing wrong with rapport but this needs to be to a minimum or at least closer to the test where it can be used to evaluate independent driving and a learner who can still drive and have a conversation, just like real driving. I have for many years promoted the 2hr driving lessons and ‘often’ this can suit the learner and instructor best. Sometimes this is not in the interest or best practice for the learner so this could be changed but anything away from the 2 hour lesson could increase the overall time it takes to learn but this article focuses on how to pass the driving test easier rather than the cheapest. Normally 2 hour lessons will end up being the easiest and the cheapest though in the long run.

Can mum and dad help me pass the test easier

Often yes but please only in conjunction with your driving instructor. I have many stories how mum or dad have cost someone a test because they have told someone with the best interest at heart to do something and the learners has failed. I remember one case in particularly where dad, and ex driving instructor, told their son to keep exactly 10mph under every speed limit so the examiner would be impressed with his safety. It ended badly in 2 ways, the learner failed the test with the examiner asking why he did it and then when the pupil, a very large rugby player saw his fathers, broke his father’s nose. The Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) say ‘the average learner takes 47hours of driving lessons and an additional 22hrs of private practice’ to pass the driving test. Now we find in my schools this is far less but we adopt the 2hr driving lesson practice mostly.

So in conclusion, passing the driving test can be easier if you get the correct knowledge and practice using the knowledge learnt. If you’re in any doubt ask friends about their driving instructors and remember you can always ask me.

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Passing the driving test easier


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