Refresher Driving Lessons

Refresher driving lessons are something 1st 4 Driving can certainly help with. Refresher driving lessons can come under a variety of different subjects. Refresher lessons are designed to help people to benefit from training thats up to date and a refresher from past driving experiences. Sometimes referred to as advanced driving lessons, There are many reasons why you might like to take these types of driving lessons and I will cover some of the main reasons below although the list is not exhaustive.Image for refresher driving lessons

Returning to driving refresher driving lessons

Often people learn to drive but for various reasons they don’t always drive straight away. Maybe you learnt at university or college and couldn’t afford a car straight away. Refresher driving lessons will help refresh and bring back all your prior learnt knowledge and help you regain that experience so you feel you can drive safely on the road again. Alternatively you may not have driven for a while because a partner did all the driving but now circumstances mean you need to drive again. Here returning to driving refresher driving lessons are ideal and can be completed in your own vehicle although initially your trainer might want you to use the main training vehicle.

Lost confidence refresher driving lessons

All too common people lose confidence on the roads for many reasons. Today’s roads are busy places and with the growth of more street furniture and different road scenarios, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here refresher driving lessons can help renew that confidence. Sometimes the fault is in the knowledge or skill was not fully there in the firat place and you may feel time has come to get that knowledge or skill. There may be one or more particular aspects of your driving you feel you would like help with. Your trainer will coach you back to full confidence and you will soon feel like the confidence flooding back.

All our trainers can give refresher driving lessons and all have the support of Dave Foster. Dave is one of the highest qualified driver trainers in the country and fully understands the needs for refresher driving lessons.

Case study

A husband called Dave to explain his wife, Barbara, had for the third time abandoned her car on a busy roundabout unable to cope with driving. Although Barbara had been driving for many years, she had felt her confidence slip away gradually to a point where she could not cope. Barbara would abandon the car actually on the roundabout and run home. The car was retrieved by her husband who had to cope with the irate drivers. We booked in a course of refresher driving lessons and first I sat and asked Barbara how she felt. Barbara felt that everyone and everything went to fast. She was an accomplished musician and needed to travel around the country to play her Viola as part of her quintet. Parking was also an issue.

Initially I realised Barbara had no real routine and would leave things too late. This resulted her arriving at junctions well before she was ready. I took to the wheel and let Barbara tell me when she felt it was safe to go at simple then the busiest roundabouts Exeter had to offer. Then Barbara drove but using the routine and starting her preparation much earlier. Within 4 hours Barbara was tackling the busy roundabouts with ease. On The 3rd session I was told by a proud Barbara that she had purchased a small minibus type vehicle and it was her dream to take her quintet around the country. A trip up the motorway and some other small concerns easily dealt with and we then took Barbara out in her little minibus to practice manoeuvres and finalise the driving.

Today Barbara can be seen driving her little bus around the country and negotiates any roundabout with ease. She enjoyed her refresher driving lessons a lot and at the time with her husband also owned a small music shop and became a big source of recommendations.

Refresher driving lessons for older drivers

We can help support older drivers too who might feel they need some support. With ever changing road conditions and greater traffic on the roads, a few driving lessons can often help put the confidence back.

Refresher driving lessons can take you out into the country side or into the city of Plymouth to experience and gain confidences.

Whatever your refresher driving lesson needs speak to us in confidence and we will set up a plan for you to achieve your dream of driving.

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