September 2022 test passes

As September ends, we look back and celebrate those who passed their driving tests with us during the last month.

september 2022 driving test passes

Driving test success is the name of the game, and we’ve had plenty of that in September. 16 people passed with us, well done to each of them.

Well done to:

  • Jake, passing with instructor Jo in Bodmin
  • Indie, whose instructor was Gavin in Plymouth
  • Charlotte, who passed in Launceston with Mark
  • Maddison, also passing with Mark in Launceston
  • Georgie, passing in one of our automatic cars in Reading with instructor Nirmal
  • Kayleigh, who passed with Graeme in Guildford (not pictured)
  • Elleanor, who also passed with Graeme, this time in Portsmouth
  • George, passing in Portsmouth with instructor Mark
  • Jana, who passed in an automatic car in Reading with instructor Nim
  • Jacob, passing with Jo in Bodmin
  • Molly, also passing in Bodmin with Jo
  • Iain, whose instructor was Mike in Southampton
  • Victoria, who aced her driving test first time with zero faults in Plymouth with Gavin
  • Charlie, passing in Exeter with instructor Damon
  • George, whose instructor was also Damon in Exeter
  • And Millie, passing in Bodmin with Jo

Well done all!

To see everyone who has passed their test with us this year, check out 2022’s Wall of Passes!

Are you thinking about becoming a driving instructor? There’s never been a better time.

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