The 1st 4 Driving System

1st 4 Driving has developed a unique way for you to learn to drive.

Do you want to…

  • Pass your driving test quicker?
  • Understand driving better?
  • Learn easier?
  • …and save money too?

Then the 1st 4 Driving learning system IS for YOU!

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Our system

The 1st 4 Driving System bridges the gap between the theory lessons and the on-road practical driving lessons with a series of interactive driving lessons. will help you understand better and pass your test quicker – and the best bit is that they’re FREE to ALL 1st 4 Driving pupils.

This innovative system has been developed by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, whose expertise in teaching is second to none. Being the only person with a Master’s Degree in Driver Training Education, coupled with his qualified teacher status, Dave is the best qualified driving school owner in the country.

We were noticing a huge gap in knowledge for many learners as they arrived for their practical driving lessons, which was slowing them down and causing them to have to take more driving lessons than they probably needed. So, Dave sat down and wrote the 1st 4 Driving Learning System.

Did you know…

As well as access to our system, 1st 4 Driving pupils also get FREE online theory training! Book online now for more information…

Pass your test quicker 💨

Often during your practical driving lessons, you will find yourself parked at the side of the road while your driving instructor spends time going over the theoretical side of driving using pen and paper, or a lesson planner. This is done so you understand what will be required for the on-road driving.

1st 4 Driving’s System allows you to do this part in the comfort of your home, on the bus going to school or anywhere you can access the online lessons. This means less time in the car at the side of the road and more time driving.

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Understand driving better 🧠

Because not everyone learns the same way, the 1st 4 Driving System uses a variety of different learning tools. Some people learn better with pictures and videos, some by listening. Traditional just on-road lessons do not always work for some people.

Some people need the comfort of understanding what is required first but feel the pressure in the car, not feeling confident to ask their driving instructor to repeat something – and they carry on not fully understanding. The 1st 4 Driving System allows you to replay something over and over again until you feel confident. It even gives you the opportunity to “ask the expert” to get clarification on something.

Did you know…

All pupils who book driving lessons with us are sent a free starter pack, including their own personalised Record Card and 1st 4 Driving pen!

Save money, too 💰

Because the online lessons can be taken from home, you may not need to spend so much time taking in-car driving lessons.

You’ll be able to show parents or others who are able to give you some private practice the lessons too, so they understand better themselves. You’ll be able to use different learning methods and so you will learn with a style that suits you and have fewer lessons in the long run.

Remember, you will only get this from 1st 4 Driving as a pupil. You will be given your own unique access to the 1st 4 Driving System including all the videos and tips. Keep this to yourself and when you pass your driving test quicker than all your friends, they’ll think you’re a great driver. In truth, you will be because you used the 1st 4 Driving System!

All you have to do is book online now 👇

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