Thinking of becoming a driving instructor

becoming a driving instructor

Are you looking for a reliable career that can fit around your life and commitments, yet provide you with a liveable and increasable income? Maybe you’re fed up of not being appreciated for all the hard work you do in your job. Perhaps you just always wanted to teach people to drive, or enjoy helping people. Whatever the reason we can support you every step of your way becoming a qualified driving instructor.


With the increasing worries around consistent employment becoming a bigger feature in more and more people’s lives, lots of people are looking for a reliable solution. Becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI) has many advantages to solving a wide range of problems that can occur when employed in other fields. Becoming your own boss, scheduling your own working hours, and earning a reliable, sufficient income has never been easier.


Providing people with such a valuable life skill can seem like a challenging task as driving is rather dangerous when performed by someone who isn’t properly trained. Despite this however, becoming a driving instructor can be rather rewarding as you get to help people daily. There isn’t an endless list of expectations to become a driving instructor, however it would be a great advantage to yourself, pupils and your business if you were to be patient and understanding as well as the holding the ability or willingness to teach. There are a few legal requirements, revolving around your full driving license and permission to drive in the UK.


With our support you will be guided every step of the way into becoming an approved driving instructor. From providing the training to prepare you for the 3 practical tests required to become qualified, to getting you through the process of applying for your badge, which will enable you to legally begin charging for your time spent instructing learner drivers. We will be here to support you every step of the way with our extensive knowledge and years teaching our pupils, there won’t be no tricks and tips left un told, and these will help you build a truly successful and profitable business.


Today, in 2019 it could not be a better time to become a qualified driving instructor, with the increasing need for skill of driving all different types of vehicles in the UK, the demand for ADI is increasing dramatically. Everyone needs to drive in todays world, whether they have a driving job, or they just commute to work or even to travel for leisure purposes, we will support you with many tips and techniques to fill your diary with all these pupils who desperately need their full license.


Once you have received your fully qualified ADI status, you do not have to stop at just teaching learner drivers. You can move onto building your own driving school, fleet training, developing websites to help learner drivers, or even become an ADI trainer yourself. You have an endless list of career moving possibilities once you have set the gears in motion to becoming a qualified driving instructor.


Take a look at this quote from our founder Dave Foster, who has progressed into one of the UK’s most qualified driving instructors, being one of only a select few that have completed a Master’s Degree (MA) and Diploma in driving instruction (Dip.DI). He explains here how he got into becoming a driving instructor all those years ago and mentions a few of the different routes he has been able to progress through in the many years he has been involved in the industry.


“Having previously been made redundant I was looking for a recession proof living. I became a driving instructor because of the freedom and security of work. Driver training has given me a great income and a huge amount of variety teaching not only learners, but business drivers, commercial and I then moved on the deliver speed awareness course and other diversionary courses too. Later I became an instructor trainer helping others to achieve their dreams and independence.”


If you have any more questions about becoming a driving instructor do not hesitate to contact us, as one of our team will be happy to assist you further.

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