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9 reasons why you need to switch to our driving school franchise right now 👇

1. One month free trial 📅

Let’s see if we like each other.

Here’s the deal – we’ll give you the full 1st 4 Driving experience free for one month. 99% of driving instructors sign up once they see how great we are.

On occasion it doesn’t work out, that’s life. No hard feelings! You can walk away with no obligation – and get to keep your pupils.

That’s exactly why we offer a trial, so we can prove ourselves as the driving school for you.

You’ll get access to our online diary system, and we’ll give you as many pupils as you need (all lessons pre-paid of course).

But that really is the tip of the iceberg.

Take advantage of every single perk of being one of our valued instructors, from free PL+PI insurance to 24/7 support from the country’s most qualified driving school owner.

Look at what else you’ll get:

  • No rip-off hidden fees of any kind. Just one simple weekly franchise payment
  • Great lesson rates
  • Confirmed, booked driving lesson appointments, not just leads. We’ll book around your availability.
  • Unlimited pupils. You tell us when to stop booking – you’re the boss! (we’ve already got tonnes of pupils on waiting lists ready for you)
  • Branded polo shirts and face masks
  • Not getting paid is a thing of the past. All lessons are pre-paid and short notice cancellations are paid straight to you. There’s no extra charge for this
  • Each one of your pupils will receive a physical welcome pack with a lesson tracker and loads of download links. They’ll all get free theory training too with Theory Test Pro
  • We have a much lower cancellation rate thanks to our text notifications/reminders for both you and your pupils
  • Become an essential part of a growing valued team with opportunities in select areas to develop and train other instructors coming into the industry

Free trial - request a callback

2. No lengthy contracts 📝 (phew)

We make no secret of the fact that we want great driving instructors to stay with us, but with 1st 4 Driving, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we firmly believe you'll stay when you see what we have to offer.

Most driving instructors have experience of being locked in multi-year contracts, and the truth is that they can be suffocating.

Our contract is simple, concise and rolls over a 30-day period.

Some of our instructors have been with us for 10-15 years. We hope you won't leave us, but we won't make it difficult for you if that day comes.

3. We’ll make your car look beautiful 🚘

On top of our extensive marketing methods, our signature liveried cars substantially increase lesson enquiries in the area.

We have an address book full of car signage companies across the country that we can get your car booked in with around your schedule. There is of course no extra charge for this.

We’re proud of our brand new vinyl graphics newly designed for 2021-22 – they really help us stand out on the road.

Let’s be honest, if you were looking for driving lessons, you’d call the number wouldn’t you?

driving instructor car

4. You’re in safe hands with us 👐

driving school owner

1st 4 Driving are headed up by the most qualified driving school owner in the country and backed up by over two decades of research, knowledge and experience

Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI oversees all aspects of the business, applying his vast array of qualifications spanning driver training and education (including a Master's Degree) into both our instructor training and pupil experience.

Always with his finger on the industry pulse, Dave never misses a beat and plays an active role in helping keep 1st 4 Driving one of the fastest-growing, modern driving schools across the South of England and Wales.

We also have dedicated bookings and marketing personnel who will always be on hand to help in any way they can.

5. Free CPD 🎓

Regular training sessions you can attend for free, both online and in person.

These sessions also make great networking opportunities and a chance to mix with our amazing bunch of instructors and associate driving schools.

Our CPD courses are absolutely brilliant for PDIs getting through their part 3 test, or for ADIs with the dreaded standards check (we’ll make this a breeze).

We look to hold courses as often as we can and in different locations, too. In 2021, we held sessions in Cornwall and Southampton.

As well as this, we come together with group and 1-to-1 Zoom calls – we’ve even been known to hold a Zoom quiz!

You’ll also have special access to our closed Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask questions, join in discussions and keep in the loop about industry and company updates.

driving school instructor franchise

6. We'll spoil your pupils 👥

At 1st 4 Driving, our pupils are super-important to us.

We're always working on ways to improve their experience - and your input is valued in that. We already do so much for our pupils, which is a key reason why they book lessons with us.

driving theory test trainingHere are just some of the ways we make our pupil experience one of the best in the industry:

  • Free theory training with Theory Test Pro
  • Online lessons from Dave Foster with our Online Learning System videos
  • Email and text reminders so they never miss a lesson
  • Licence checking for every new pupil
  • Block booking lessons in advance
  • Expert office staff on hand to help with any query
  • Welcome pack sent in the post including download links to loads of great resources - and a 1st 4 Driving pen!
  • Loads of ways to book lessons from phone, text and live-chat (monitored full time)
  • Pupils can easily pay for their lessons over the phone or online
  • We book their driving tests for them and ensure it doesn't clash with any of your other engagements
  • Once your pupils pass, they will join the coveted 1st 4 Driving Wall of Passes, decorated with every single test pass of the year

Adding extra value to their lessons and improving their experience allows us to drive the lesson price up as a premium driving school.

Free trial - request a callback

7. Resources galore 📎

Some driving schools will leave you to your own devices.

Us? We’ll smother you with teaching resources because it’s our job to provide everything you’ll need to deliver great driving lessons for your pupils.

You’ll get access to a whole host of downloadable documents including lesson trackers, mark sheets, a 39-page handbook and training forms.

As well as online resources, we’ll give you free access to our best-selling paid products including the Premium Driving Test Fault Analysis Report Spreadsheet, allowing you to track your standards check KPIs in real-time to give yourself a head-start over the DVSA.

You’ll also get a special GOLD Edition of the Lesson Planner including free updates for as long as you stay with us. This 80-page Lesson Planner has been produced in line with the DVSA’s Learning to Drive syllabus to help you deliver structured, coaching-based driving lessons. Using the Lesson Planner in every lesson you teach helps unlock the key to flying through your standards check.

As well as all of that, you can take advantage of your unique discount in our online shop. Here you can top up on teaching essentials like L-plates.

driving instructor teaching materials

8. It's raining pupils ☔

We're turning away hundreds of potential pupils every single week because we just don't have enough instructors to cope with the demand.

This is good and bad. People are coming to us ready to book 10, 20 and 30 hour blocks of driving lessons. These people are having to go to other schools and not getting the amazing 1st 4 Driving experience.

Our marketing is up there with the big boys

We may not have the huge offices or budgets of the 'big schools' (you know who they are), but our marketing techniques pack just as powerful a punch.

As we've grown, we've made some big changes and investments into the way we market for pupils.

The past 3 years have seen our web traffic grow by a staggering 2650%. In real-terms, this means more bookings, more work and full diaries for our instructors.

Now, you too can take full advantage of our awesome pupil marketing. Unlike other driving schools, we'll never charge you per-pupil or take any percentage of your lesson fee.

9. One simple weekly payment 💳

Fees, fees, fees.

You may be coming from a driving school that charges you rip-off add-on fees. We don’t do that.

Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, we’ve all heard horror stories about pupil referral fees, lesson percentage fees, start-up fees even admin fees.

These unexpected and often hidden add-ons can be a nightmare to budget and plan your business around.

1st 4 Driving makes your life easier by only ever charging one fixed weekly payment. Our weekly payment is dependent on the lesson rate in the area, making our franchises fair across the board.

Click here to arrange for us to call you back at a convenient time and find out more about the franchise payment.

We pay you every Wednesday for any lessons you conducted in the previous week.

PS – did we mention free PL+PI insurance? 📄

On top of your taxes, car payments and teaching your pupils, PL PI insurance is just one more thing to worry about.

But for our instructors, that’s a thing of the past…

Join us and get:

  • Free Public Liability Operative Limit of Indemnity: £10,000,000
  • Free Legal Defence Costs Operative Legal Defence Costs – £250,000
  • Free Professional Indemnity Operative Limit of Indemnity – £5,000,000
  • Free Crisis Containment £25,000

The above figures are for individual cover (per instructor) not grouped like the free association policies often offer. In these cases, the limits are often divided between several thousand members.

✅ Just another weight off your mind as a 1st 4 Driving instructor – with no added fee.

So what are you waiting for?

You’ve seen what we have to offer as a driving school – and we’re always on the lookout for great driving instructors, just like you.

With our risk-free no-obligation one month free trial, the power is in your hands. Come and see what we’re all about. You won’t regret it.

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