Our 5-step guide to winning Christmas 2021

What better present could there be than the gift of driving? We’re talking about unlocking so many doors, from basic domestic mobility to employment.

driving lesson gift vouchers

Let’s face it, who actually wants to catch the bus?

The pandemic has had a major impact on so many aspects of our daily lives. With that, we’ve all had to adapt. Whether that’s been through not visiting loved ones, having to work from home, or making sacrifices with our hobbies and social lives.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people across the UK pass their driving test, gaining their independence on the roads and opening countless doors to improve their lives. But with the restrictions last year (and indeed at the start of this year), that conveyor belt ground to a halt.

Driving tests have been hard to come by and finding a driving instructor in some areas has been even more tricky. People have fallen into one of three groups:

  1. Been lucky and found an instructor (or already had one pre-pandemic)
  2. Booked their own driving test and had to take it on their own (this usually results in a fail)
  3. Given up waiting and grown disillusioned

The pandemic has silently forged something of a crisis for this new generation, made up of mostly 17-20 year olds. Without the privilege of guaranteed driving lessons, this generation is pushed into relying on public transport in a pandemic age.

Despite the best efforts of driving schools like ourselves and the DVSA, the backlog remains – and it’s real. Driving test wait times are still high, and the truth is that most driving instructors are still fully booked. But there’s still reason to be positive.

Driving lessons are like dogs

As we move into 2022, hopefully we can start getting back to ‘normal’ again. Our driving instructors are working at full capacity and are working really hard to make extra spaces for new learners.

You might be starting to think about presents for your friends and family members for Christmas this year. maybe somebody you know falls into one of the groups listed above – or perhaps you just know somebody who could really benefit from learning to drive.

They may not have wet noses, and it may not be as satisfying to say “who’s a good boy?” at them, but driving lessons are like dogs… The gift is for life, not just for Christmas.

driving lessons are like dogs
Do you see what we did there?

Our gift vouchers

We’ve all made big sacrifices this year but when you’re thinking about present-buying over the next few weeks, remember the generation who have sacrificed their independence by missing out on their driving lessons.

Give the gift of driving this Christmas with our driving lesson vouchers, available in selected areas.

If you’re not convinced about the benefits of driving lesson vouchers as a gift, we’ve put together our 2021 Christmas present buying guide below:

driving lessons christmas present
There was only going to be one winner

With a great selection of vouchers to choose from including bundling in the driving test fees, there’s no reason why that special someone can’t be the proud holder of a shiny new driving licence in the near future.

Whether you’re gifting a two-hour driving lesson to get them started or you choose our all-inclusive 30 hour bundle including the theory + practical test fees, there’s a gift voucher for everyone.

These vouchers are printed double-sided on 150gsm card and are customised with the name and issue date. They make perfect stocking fillers and you can even slip them into a card.

driving school gift vouchers

Our 5-step guide to winning Christmas 2021

  1. Click on the red button below. It will take you to a page with more information and yet another red button. Click that too
  2. A new page will come up. Fill in the form and press Send
  3. One of our expert office team will call you to confirm voucher availability and take payment
  4. The voucher will be sent to you to present how you like for the big day
  5. Watch the delighted face of that special somebody when they see what you’ve got them!

Gift vouchers – book now!

🎅 Christmas delivery guarantee: Order before 20th December 2021 to receive before Christmas Day

Please be aware that while we will do our best, it’s possible we won’t be able to offer vouchers in all areas. All vouchers are subject to availability.

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