We don’t accept third-party vouchers ❌

Unfortunately we are not accepting vouchers bought through other websites

We’ve noticed a trend in the past few months of people trying to redeem vouchers with us that have been bought through third-party sites. These were probably bought for people at Christmas time by parents and grandparents, and understandably – people want to redeem them to get their driving lessons.

If you’re unsure what we’re talking about, they usually look something like this.

driving lesson third party vouchers

We’re not accepting third-party vouchers

These vouchers claim to be redeemable with ‘any UK driving instructor’ (although many driving schools and instructors do not participate in this scheme). The truth is that many driving instructors are not even aware of the existence of these vouchers, let alone the companies claiming to sell them.

As such, 1st 4 Driving are not accepting these types of vouchers. If you have purchased one of these vouchers, we would recommend pursuing a refund as soon as possible and purchasing lessons directly through your chosen driving school.

Our own vouchers are available to purchase through our online booking form by clicking here.

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