Well done to our trainees!

Emerging from the debris of the pandemic with a wealth of hope, prospect and ambition, our trainees have done us so proud over the last month.

1st 4 driving trainees

Above: Louise (left), Jo (right) and their trainer Natalie (centre)

As those looking for driving lessons will know, the backlog is unprecedented. More people than ever need driving lessons and finding an instructor with availability (let alone a test) has never been more difficult.

Big things are coming

But through all the doom and gloom, we’re working with an amazing bunch of trainees in some of our busiest areas.

Today saw Louise and Jo pass their ADI part 2 tests in Camborne, Cornwall, opening the door for them to start part 3 training and getting in to start teaching pupils.

But they’re not the only ones! This month we’re also celebrating:

  • Gavin from Plymouth, who passed his part 1 theory test
  • James from Plymouth, who passed his part 2 test with trainer Vito
  • Mark from Portsmouth, who passed his part 2 test. He’s being trained by Steve
  • Aleksandra from Plymouth, who passed her part 2 test last month, also with Vito!

All these people have either had tests postponed by the DVSA due to the pandemic, or have been held up by lockdowns in some way. Their patience, commitment and enthusiasm has shone through and they’re achieving their dreams through hard work and determination.

We also need to mention our amazing trainers; Natalie, Steve and Vito who have been working really hard to squeeze their time to deliver instructor training.

But it doesn’t end there – there are hard training hours ahead and lots to learn. There may be more bumps in the road yet but with more hard work and the most up-to-date instructor training, we’re making more lesson slots available in the areas that need it most.

Here at 1st 4 Driving, we’re building a family of driving instructors we’re so proud of and excited about.

The future is very bright.

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