July 2022 test passes

It’s the time of the month again where we celebrate everybody who’s passed their driving test with us. In July, we saw an awesome 17 people pass. Amazing!

july 2022 driving test success

Driving test success is the name of our game, and we’ve had plenty of that success in July. Here are our passes from the past month:

  • Kaia, passing with Louise in Penzance
  • Stanley, who passed in Bodmin with Jo
  • Peter, whose instructor was Mike in Southampton
  • Irina, who passed with Nirmal in one of our automatic cars in Reading
  • Debora, passing with Mark in Portsmouth
  • Alice, who passed with instructor Damon in Exeter
  • Cerys, whose instructor was Mark, also in Exeter
  • Wosim, passing with James in Plymouth
  • Keiron, who passed in Pezance with Louise
  • Charlie, passing in Portsmouth with Graeme
  • James, whose instructor was Louise in Cornwall
  • Lucifer, who passed in Southampton with Mike
  • Tom, passing in Plymouth with Aleksandra
  • Sol, who passed his driving test with Damon in Exeter
  • Caleb, also passing with Damon in Exeter
  • Rachel, who made it 3 in a row for Damon
  • Joseph in Southampton, whose instructor was Mike

Well done to each and every one of you for your hard work. It’s paid off and you’ve become our latest graduates! That’s 121 test passes for the year now for us.

Thanks as ever to our amazing driving instructors across all our areas.

Are you looking at becoming a driving instructor? Check out this page to find out more info.

Have a look at our Wall of Passes for 2022 for everybody who’s passed with us this year.

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