March 2022 test passes

Wow 🤯 24 test passes this month! A new record for us.

March 2022 driving test passes

The signs of recovery from COVID are getting stronger and clearer with an absolute wealth of test passes in March. Well done to all 23 of you, you’ve all worked so hard to achieve your independence on the roads.

As ever, thank you to our amazing instructors for all your hard work every single day in helping these brilliant people pass their tests.

Well done to:

  • Eric, who passed with instructor Jo in Camborne
  • Zack, also passing with Jo in Camborne
  • Morgan, another pass for Jo in Camborne
  • Lily, passing with Jo in Bodmin
  • Ben, who also passed in Camborne, this time with Natalie
  • Michael, who passed with our instructor Damon in Exeter
  • Isabella, also with Damon in Exeter
  • Hayden, who passed in Lee-on-the-Solent with Graeme
  • Chloe, passing with James in Plymouth
  • Harry, passing in Exeter with Damon
  • Rebecca, who passed with Natalie in Camborne
  • Christian, whose instructor was Mark in Portsmouth
  • David, passing with Mike in Southampton
  • Muhammad, passing in one of our automatic cars in Reading. His instructor was Nim.
  • Sauguat, also passing with Nim, but this time in Newbury
  • Harriet in Exeter, passing with Damon
  • Jack, passing with Louise in Camborne
  • Tom, who passed in Camborne with Jo
  • Aillie, whose instructor was Aleksandra in Plymouth
  • Pravin, passing in an automatic with Nim in Reading
  • Neo, whos instructor was Mike in Southampton
  • Gus, also passing with Mike in Southampton
  • Chris, who passed with Damon in Exeter
  • Dan, passing in Bodmin with Louise (not pictured)

Here they are:

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Test pass archive:

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