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Eagle-eyed viewers in the South West with their TV sets tuned in to ITV will have noticed our Managing Director Dave Foster on Tuesday evening’s news.driving school local news

Dave was invited onto ITV’s West Country News to discuss life on the roads since the national lockdowns, with many people observing declining standards and even reporting nervousness having not driven for a while.

Featured in a snippet of a report, Dave offered advice to those feeling nervous or anxious about getting back behind the wheel after 18 months at home.

“[a] very common thing is not planning, putting things off and particularly things like the time aspect.”

dave foster ma dip di

Above: Dave was invited on to ITV news

“I would say to anybody make sure you allow extra time for journey[s] particularly if you’re feeling a bit worried and give yourself time to stop if you need to.”

“If you’re really looking for support, take a friend with you or take a member of your family.”

Later on in the report, the broadcaster quoted a survey that found:

  • 58% of motorists used their cars less than usual during the most recent lockdown
  • 36% of drivers are nervous about their own ability
  • 75% are worried about other road users who are out of practice
  • 16% of car owners didn’t check any aspect of their vehicle during the latest lockdown

driving school on the news

Behind the scenes: We were visited by ITV news last week

As we get society back to normal and the roads begin to fill up again with commuters and holiday-makers, driving standards have never been more important.

The 1st 4 Driving Opinion:

If you’re feeling nervous about getting back out on the road after a long time stuck indoors, give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Make sure your car is well-maintained and bring someone to accompany you on your journey if possible to reassure you.

Some driving schools offer refresher lessons and these can be a great way of getting your confidence back.

Refresher driving lessons

Anyone for a refresher?

For media enquiries, contact info@1st4driving.co.uk

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Eagle-eyed viewers in the South West with their TV sets tuned in to ITV will have noticed our Managing Director Dave Foster on Tuesday evening’s ...
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